Friday, April 16, 2010




Did you know that the world's top 5 most expensive paintings were bought for a total of $712.2 million US?

How much food could that have bought? That is almost 1,800,000,000 lb (830,000,000 kilo) rice from the Sam's club down the street from my house. That is about 8,180,000,000 servings of rice.

Was it worth it?


Amira said...

Of course! Who cares if thousands are dying from malnutrition as long as one gets to look at some paintings. (Just in case you didn't get it that was total sarcasm)
On a more serious note we should inshallah try to keep those who are suffering in our dua's and donate when we can.

Wafa' said...

i am one who admires art HUGLY. But nothing worth saving one person in this world. Some would argue that these people probably going to buy only one painting and donate much more to chairty organization BUT the money paid here could save millions more.
And the problem is because these paintings are expensive , their owners are going to keep it in a very private places where they are rarly seen !!!

are not we the most stupid creatures on earth ??

NeverEver said...

Amira: inshaAllah we will all remember to do what we can, it is always nice to have a reminder

Wafa': we really are.......... I also just saw your post on the mouse and left you a note there

Is-za Jelass said...

I only recognize the last one as Vincent Van Gogh.

When these paintings were paid for, from where were they purchased...hopefully whoever got the money didnt just take a permanent vacation and perhaps used it for charity. Maybe they were purchased by a group :) there is some hope right?

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