Tuesday, April 6, 2010


السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Hi you guys! I wanted to share a little bit of the Arabic I have learned and help you guys practice (if you are interested! :-))إن شاء الله I will have more of this kind of stuff in the future المستقبل

أنا إسمي نفرايفر وأنا طالبة في الجامعة.
الحمد الله يمكني ادرس العربية في الجامعة أذهب إليها.
أحب اللغة العربية!! أريد أن ادرسكم قليل من الكلمات تعلمت طوال السنة الماضية

Ana ismee NeverEver wa ana Taaliba fil-jaami3a. Alhamdulillah yumkinny adros al-3arabiyya fil-jaami3a aDhhab alayha. Oheb al-lugha al-3arabiyya!! Oreed an uderrisukum qaleel min al-kalimaat ta3alemtu tiwal as-sena al-maaDiya.

My name is NeverEver and I am a university student. Alhamdulillah I am able to study Arabic at the university I go to. I love the Arabic language!! I want to teach you all a few of the words I learned throughout the past year.

1.إسم : ism, name
2.طالبة : Taaliba, female student
3.الجامعة : al-jaami3a, the university
4.يمكن : yumkin, it is possible (with the attached ني it means "it is possible for me")
5.ادرس : adros, I study
6.أذهب : aDhhab, I go
7.أحب : oheb, I love/like
8.قليل من : qaleel min, a few of
9.الكلمات : kalimaat, the words
10.السنة : as-senna, the year

What do you guys want to learn!?!? The letters, vocabulary, grammar? I'm just starting but إن شاء الله I can come up with a lot of stuff to talk about :-D


Hijab Chic said...

Ohh mashallah Sister! This was very helpful..
We want more of these :D

My Getaway said...

Mashallah! I actually lived in the Middle East for 8 years and know Arabic but still have issues with المذكر والمؤنث

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Grammar min fadlik! I know a lot of words, but I have trouble putting them together.

NeverEver said...

Hijab Chic: InshaAllah there will be more of these coming your way! :-D

My Getaway: What issues are you having with المذكر والمؤنث specifically? Is it telling the difference, or the pronouns, or conjugation?

Stacy: Okay inshaAllah I will throw some grammar out there. I know that my Arabic is still in pretty elementary waters, but I guess that is where we all start! :-)

Sara said...


Arabic is a beautiful language everyone should learn!

NeverEver said...

Sara: Alhamdulillah I completely agree with you :-D

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