Wednesday, April 7, 2010


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته


Nouns in Arabic are all either masculine مذكر or femenine مؤنث . There is no neutered form "it" in Arabic. The easiest way to tell the difference is to pick what word is مؤنث and then all the rest are مذكر .

Rules for Recognizing a Feminine Noun إسم مؤنث
1. Feminine by Form: with a few exceptions, the word ends in a ta marbuTa ة or alif hamza اء or alif maqSura ى

2. City, Non-Arab country names: City names are feminine because they follow the gender of مدينة (city), Some Arab countries are feminine but you would have to learn these by memorization

3. Words referring to Females: Like the word for girl بنت does not end in ة but is feminine because it refers to a female. This includes proper nouns like names of women.

4. Non-human plurals: for example, the word book كتاب is a masculine singular noun. It would take a masculine singular adjective, such as beautiful جميل . However, in the plural form books كتب (pronounced kutub) it would take a feminine singular adjective such as beautiful جميلة .
So beautiful book is كتاب جميل (kitaab jameel)
And beautiful books is كتب جميلة (kutub jameela)

5. Parts of the body that come in pairs: such as hand يد or eye عين

6. Any exceptions that you just have to memorize: like sun شمس or soul نفس


My Getaway said...

Thanks for this post! My issues are with number 6, like you said we have to memorize those.

Like the word Bait (house) is masculine but the word dar (also means house) is femenine. Sometimes it's very confusing.

Princess said...

Masha'Allah ukhti, keep up the good work! <3 <3

NeverEver said...

My Getaway: yeah that is really true. I even had trouble with the same thing in Spanish. This is one thing that I think is easier in English, lol.

Princess: inshaAllah :-D Thanks for reading!!

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