Thursday, April 22, 2010




Several sisters gave me abayaat when I converted alhamdulillah, but they are starting to show some wear (i.e. they are starting to fall apart, lol).

Does anyone know a good place to find good quality light weight abayaat on the cheap? I'd like to find some with a bit more color since the ones I have now are all black (though I do love my black ones) maybe brown, navy, white, purple, etc.



The reverts secret said...

Salam sister, i dont know if you have seen this site my Fav place they have some greys i think! Wasalam

Banana Anne said... Tons of styles, tons of colors, lightweight, all very cheap, and you can get them tailored to your length for a few extra bucks. I definitely recommend it.

InkBlotsBlueAbayas said...

Eastessence and desertstore. Eastessence has some for $30!!!!!

Banana Anne said...

I got one from East Essence for $19.99! :D

Also, Target has a ton of really cute maxidresses. If you pair them with a longish cardigan (since they're made out of jersey and cling to the behind a bit), they make a perfect summer jilbab. I'm wearing one right now. :)

Gabby Hijabi said...

yoplait whips contains kosher gelatin.. and i am pretty sure all yoplait types contain kosher gelatin. says so on the back. i asked a Imam the question of weither or not i should worry if it is a lie? maybe a scam. he said we are to eat what is halal. If it is kosher than we can eat it. If it is a lie and we don't know any better than the blame will be on the liar. I know some places infortunately that claimed to butcher "hala" yet we found them selling pork.. and they are moslem.. so because we knew of this we stopped buying from those places.. but there is no way to know if every place does the same we just have to trust the person is telling the truth. and like the Imam said any lies is on the person who lied, not in the person who didn't know better

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I've ordered from east essence and definitely recommend them too. They have lots of fun colored abayas.

Wafa' said...

why don't you take pictures of the one you have and show it on your blog. i would love to send you some as a gift from Medina :)
what do you think ?

NeverEver said...

The reverts secret: Thanks for the great link sister, I really loved some of the designs :-D Jazakillah khair

Anne: I looked there and I actually ended up liking a lot of the tunics better HAHA so I guess I still haven't' solved the abaya dilemma

Thanks LK!! :-D

Gabby: Thanks for your input sister. I talked to some other people in my community who had the same opinion :-) InshaAllah khair

Stacy: Thanks sis, I did like some of them, and the prices are much better than other places, but nothing seemed to CALL OUT to me, lol. If I am going to spend the money, I like to do it one something that I REALLY need and REALLY love. inshaAllah my picky self will find something soon so i'm not naked :-P

Wafa': Barak Allahu feek ya ukhti, thank you so so much for your generous offer. Please e-mail me and maybe we can set up an exchange as I would love to send you something from here as well :-D

dustyann said...

EBAY! lol

NeverEver said...

Lol, I was going to ask if you would lend me your ebay skills for this one. I am thinking of buying some fabric off ebay, but i'm kind of a noob, lol

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