Friday, October 29, 2010

Love, another one by Me


Love is a test from Allah, like every thing in this life.

Bliss for some.

Misery for others.

But always an opportunity to do the right thing.

Allah grant you all fulfilling and halal love ameen

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Hijab Says, by Me

My Hiab Says:

Dear Allah,

I heard you.

I believe you.

I trust you.

Out of love and wisdom you gave me free will and out of love and awe I give it back to you.

Dear Future Husband,

I kept myself for you: you can trust me with your heart and your home and your family.

I know where my priorities are, and you were one of them before I even met you.

Dear Sisters in Humanity,

I respect you as a fellow creation of our Mighty God. I respect your feelings and the stability of your home.

I will not be the cause of your unhappiness, I will not be the downfall of the men you love, I will not betray you.

Dear Brothers in Humanity,

Peace and the Guidance of Allah be on you but, BACK OFF!!!

Dear Self,

We came a long way, but alhamdulillah the steps were worth it. We have respect for ourselves and for others. We think about the consequences of our actions. We are conscious of ourselves and our place in the larger universe.


Allah forgive us all for our shortcomings, give us guidance and protect us from the fire ameeen.

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