Tuesday, April 27, 2010




I have been looking for an abaya since mine are getting a bit a lot worn, and I looked around a bunch of websites that you all suggested (thanks so much!!! :-D)

I must just be too picky or something. I couldn't find anything I actually liked... especially not something that I would consider decently priced.

I don't always have enough money to eat something besides ramen (alhamdulillah I really love ramen), so how am I supposed to shell out $40-50 per abaya when I need at least two or three news ones?

My solution:


Oh yeah, inshaAllah when classes are over I'm going to set about trying to make an abaya/jilbab for myself :-D

I plan to document my progress so inshaAllah I will let you all know how it goes.

Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

They are pretty easy to make really just for plain ones.

this is where i get mine from: but she isnt taking orders till mid june. they are good quality!

problem with making your own is fabric, at least in the UK isnt cheap and nor is thread! it would cost £25 for the fabric then £5 for the thread, I can buy them for that on the site, WITH delivery!

It may be different in the USA

NeverEver said...

It is a bit cheaper here I guess. I can find fabric for about $4-8 per yard/meter, so that is about $12-24 (8-16 pounds) and thread is about $2 which is a little over one pound. So altogether max inshaAllah will be about 25 or 26 dollars and I will have a design I like in the right width and length and everything. Plus I just really like to make stuff, lol :-D

I also really like to wear jalabiya at home, so this may turn into a jalabiya project instead of abaya if I don't think it is quite presentable for the outside world HAHA

heart/and/soul said...

All the best!! I'm not very good with sewing machines. lol

It's sunnah to sew anyway :)

InkBlotsBlueAbayas said...

Can't wait to see it :) Have fun!

Princess said...

have fun sis, sounds like a great idea! <3 <3

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

That's great! I'm sure you'll at least be able to get a wearable jalebeeya out of your little experiment.

caraboska said...

There are E-bay stores where you can buy very nice saris for VERY low prices. And some even have very reasonable shipping charges. And what is a sari? 5 yards of material. If you're very tall and you want a bisht style, you might need two. And there are even great caftnn patterns on E-bay and Etsy.

dustyann said...

u can have the black one i wore today if it fits you...

American Niqabi said...

Eastessence has cheap abayas (the cheapest one is only $20.) and they are good quality, I have 2.

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