Sunday, April 18, 2010

Keeping yourself in Check

السلام عليكم

بسم الله

I got this in an e-mail the other day and thought I would share :-D

Daily Checklist for Introspection Self-examination and Self-Rectification

Answer the Following Questions and Improve /rectify your action accordingly

Did I pray five times today?

Did I read Holy Qura’an with understanding today?

Did I sincerely complete my duties and responsibilities today?

Did I Speak lies today?

Did I misbehave today?

Did I tease anyone today?

Did I make fun of someone or laugh at someone’s mistake today?

Did I show off today?

Did I behave arrogantly with anyone today?

Did I backbite today?

Did I get jealous today?

Did I get angry today?

Did I improve in any way today?

Did I waste any time today?

Did I feel proud or superior today?

Did I spend money extravagantly today?

Did I do my Hijab today?

Did I see any vulgar/obscene program today?

Did I disrespect my parents today?

Are my family members happy with me today?

Did I thank Allah for everything today?

Did I disobey any commandments of Allah today?

Did I ask forgiveness of Allah today?


Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Wow, this can be so convicting. I'm definitely guilty of wasting time and praying and making dua as I should.
Just think how much better the world could be if we asked ourselves these questions each day.

NeverEver said...

That is what I was thinking too :-) The sister who sent it suggested printing it and leaving it by your bed to read over before you sleep

Princess said...

this is great sis! i remember getting this checklist too and thinking how awesome it was, definitely a way to keep reminded of all that is good! thanx for sharing! <3 <3

Irendi3786 said...

(sigh)...I need this thanks for posting it!!!

Texan in UAE said...

A good check list!!! I will run this off!

MIss you sis! where r u? (((hugs)))

Sara said...

:) This is definatley the most important check list.

Maybe I can print it and hang it next to my bed.

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