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I'm trying to adjust my sleep schedule to my five prayers. I'm having a little trouble however... It seems that if I wake up for Fajr, it is almost impossible to stay up until 'Isha. By the time Maghreb comes around I'm about to pass out! Then if I go to sleep after 'Isha, it is really hard to wake up the next morning for Fajr! Of course part of the problem is that I really love to sleep about 12 hours at a time, lol. InshaAllah I will find a scheule that fits me soon.

What is the best sleep schedule that you have found? Is it some combination of sleep and naps or just naps or just sleep? Please let me know!


Amirah said...

Ohhh I'm so sorry! It's really difficult now, especially with fajr being so early and isha so late! I have two pieces of advice for you:
First of all, it is Sunnah to take a nap during the middle of the day (right after you pray dhuhr is the best time, I've heard). So if you have time, definitely give that a try!
Secondly, it is NOT haram to sleep after fajr. Although there is a lot of blessing in the time following fajr, if you are tired, you are allowed to sleep. Honestly, up north where I live, fajr is so early (3:00!) that I don't know ANYONE who stays up. In fact, since Isha is so late (11:00) I know some people who even stay up all night until fajr and then sleep. I don't recommend this, as Allah subhana wa ta'ala made the night for sleeping and the day for activity, but with the long summer days sometimes you need to make adjustments to your schedule. I'm off to pray maghrib right now! :-)
InshaAllah this comment will help you a little bit!

NeverEver said...

Salam Amirah,
Yes this was helpful! I'm just always afraid of sleeping too long and missing a prayer whenever I nap. I think maybe if I set a lot of alarms it will be okay, though. A nap may be my only option until the days shorten up a bit. Thanks for the input!!!

Lisa said...

Hi NeverEver,

Fajr is the toughest prayer for me now that I'm back to praying. I usually don't go back to sleep, even if I try.

I really enjoy naps between Dhuhr and Asr. This is a nice long nap if you can find the time.

I would love to go back to bed after Fajr, but it wrecks my whole day after that.

Love you and hope it gets easier. Inshallah it will, especially when you have the reinforcement of Ramadan.

NeverEver said...

Salam Lisa,

So it seems that after Dhuhr is the general advice then? I'm the same way with Fajr. After I wake up and wash and then pray I'm just... awake! :-) and usually hungry as well. I think that I will try to stay up and take a nape after Dhuhr. Thanks for the advice my dear!!

with love for the pleasure of Allah.

NeverEver said...

Just to let you guys know, I tried the nap after Dhuhr today and I felt a lot less tired, alhamdulillah. This may be my solution! Thanks again!!!

Amirah said...

Yay Alhamdulillah. :-)

rahma said...

Just pray that winter comes quickly, lol. Summer salat is hard. I unfortunately can't take a nap in the middle of the day, as I work, so I try to get to sleep around 7:30, and sleep until a bit before isha, get up, pray maghrib and isha, and then sleep until the end of fajr. It's not ideal (I love my uninterrupted sleep too), but it's better than nothing

NeverEver said...

Salam Rahma!

Lol yes! The prayers are already starting to get a little bit closer, alhamdulillah. I'm really fortunate that I get the summers off I suppose, so mostly I'm just lazing about the house ;-) However, I did this exact thing when I was still attending classes and such. I felt a little bad for putting off maghrib till the last second, but Allah is Merciful and understanding, yes? :)

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

Back in Cairo it was easy: I woke up for Fajr at 4 then went back to sleep. Isha was at 9:30 so not too late. Here in Holland it's more difficult: Fajr is at 3:30 am and Isha at midnight. I guess once you get used to a pattern it'll be easier. Nice blog! I love how enthusiastic you are :)

NeverEver said...

Yeah, I think maybe routine is the key. I just need to get use to something, lol. Jazakillah khair!!

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