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Yesterday I found a great blog called Diary of a Wacky Hijabi by Nisa and she had a post about learning more of the Qur'an this summer. As I have just converted, this topic is particularly interesting to me so I asked how she went about memorizing. I am not so good at memorization, so I thought some tips might be helpful, especially as I am not fluent in Arabic ;-) Alhamdulillah, she wrote back and it got me to thinking....

How do YOU memorize Qur'an? What methods are best for you?? What tricks have you learned that really help you to remember?

I'm really exited to see what you guys have to say and to try out your methods!!!! :-D
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Lisa said...

I did mine phonetically with a great Turkish salat book. It made it easier to repeat everything and this also included the wudu and prayer positions. Love you dearly.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I am more auditory, so I learned the surahs that I know by using, or by listening to it on a cd. If I listen enough times, it gets stuck in my head like a song :)
I still don't know how people learn the longer surah or even the whole Quran though. It honestly amazes me.

NeverEver said...

Salam Lisa~
I have them phonetically written out as well, so hopefully I can try to just read them this way!

Salam Stacy~
Yeah, it is the same for me as well. It gets stuck in my head the same way!!

You guys are ALWAYS the first to comment on my blog, even if nobody else does and I just want you to know how good it makes me feel to have you guys!!!!!!!!!! Jazakillah Khair!!!!!!!!!!
with love for the pleasure of Allah,


Sunni Hijabi said...

Asalaam wa alaykum sister,

Awww! :D I'm glad I could help you. Also, you've been tagged with the scrap tag! Check it out on my blog, please. :) -Nisa

Candice said...

I like to see it and hear it. And I find it really important to know the meanings of the words that are pronounced. When I have a bit of a feel for structure it helps memorize faster. This is from the tiny bit I know (Surah Al-Fatiha and An-Nas and Al-Ikhlas). When I first learned Surah Al-Fatiha, I kinda had the syllables down, but I didn't feel like I knew it until I was able to know where a word ended and another started, kwim?
And by listening to it while reading it, it became like a song like Stacy said, but that had a bit more meaning.

NeverEver said...

Salam Candice~
Yes I had the same problem with knowing where the words started and stopped. If I know the meaning, then I can just remember the Arabic word to go with it if I get stuck, which helps a whole bunch too I think. I am in the same boat right now though, as I have just learned the bare minimum for prayer. May Allah increase our knowledge, Ameen!

lil Hijabi said...


One way that can help you in memorizing surahs(which has helped me) is by reading them everyday, like take out five ten minutes and read'll eventually have them memorized...but since ur a new muslim, i'm not sure if you've fully learned to read arabic yet, so if thats the case then the tips given by the others above are really good as well.
May Allah(swt) make everything easy for u and us aswell.Ameen.

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