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Today I recieved my first "salam" from a stranger in my community. I had heard reverts talk about this before, but had never experienced it myself :P
I was in Wal-mart shopping for broccoli and I walked around the corner of the produce section with my mom who has flaming red hair and was wearing a fuscia top with denim shorts, lol. These two guys looked up when I came around and looked me right in the face, which is not a normal reaction to someone in hijab here in the west. They looked at me all covered and said "asalamu alaikum" and I said "wa alaikum asalam" and kept walking. One of them called after me "where are you from?" and I wanted to be like "who cares?" but I said "I'm from here." and the guy said "Oh wow, that is fantastic." haha. That was it. Nothing else happened. But still it made me feel like was part of the community you know? Cool. Although it did make me a smidge uncomfortable when he looked straight at me. I wasn't really expecting that...

Also I saw a lady from the masjid with two of her children at Hobby Lobby. Her daugher is close to my age and attends my university and her son I think is in high school. They are all from Saudi. And let me tell you, mashaAllah her son did such a great job of lowering his gaze when I said salam to his sister and mother. My mom kept an eye on him while I was greeting the ladies, lol.

Anyway, everyone should definitely give salams when they see another muslim around. It feels really cool :-D


The Light of Islam said...

Asalamu Alakyam WaRamtullahi WaBaraktuh,

Hey sis! MashAllah, I'm glad to see your getting good feedback in the community. =)Thats awesome.

SubhanAllah how Allah unites the believes hearts. And we are all sisters and brothers to one another.

Wa Alakyam salam :)

Almallena said...

Asalaam walikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu,

Awww hehe, yay, it does feel good to have others give the salaam. But just a heads up, some muslims wont say salaams, unless they know you or some just dont say it (why? I dont know, is ridiculous) so dont be all surprised. For some reason...some so called muslims dont know the salaams...which I find really hard to believe. but yeah..

*hugs* sis!

NeverEver said...

@ The Light: Wa alaikum asalam wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatu
SubhanAllah, you are right sister. It is a beautiful thing!

@ Almallena: wa alaikum asalam wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatu
Yes I have noticed this as well... even some muslims that I knew before I converted still don't give me salam. Maybe they are just worried about overwhelming me :-P I just try to say salam to them first, lol.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

That's great! I'm sure it feel great to be getting involved with your local Muslim community. Its nice to hear about a guy lowering his gaze too. That's one reason I quit going to the Somali shops in Minnesota unless it was early in the morning. Even if I was wearing very loose clothing and hijab the guys just could not stop staring. But then again, a white girl in the Somali mall generally got stared at anyway.

NeverEver said...

Stacy~ Yeah it does feel pretty nice. And the lowering the gaze thing was pretty cool. I mean, most people kind of do this when I'm watching them because they don't want to get caught staring, lol. But it was good to know he was doing it on purpose. Oh yeah, it does feel pretty weird to be the palest one. I'm pretty sure my pasty pale skin is why the guy asked me where I was from :P

Fatimah said...

That's awesome! I love when the community is friendly

NeverEver said...

Fatima~ oh yeah... its such a cozy feeling!! especially when you are feeling a bit outside the loop as a convert.

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