Thursday, July 1, 2010

Remember Allah in the World Cup



Lets face it ladies... we live in this dunya. We should strive for balance in this life of remembering Allah while also living our daily lives.

Daily life for a lot of people right now consists of World Cup action, but again we have to find the right balance!

Some Tips:
1. Make dhikr when play is slow
2. Make wudu and pray voluntary rakaat during half-time
3. Make the intention to dedicate the same amount of time to Allah that you spend watching games each day or reading about games (this will be more time than a lot of people usually spend). You can read Qur'an, pray sunnah prayers, make dhikr, read books or articles, etc.
4. Avoid watching games in mixed company. Get some girlfriends (or guy friends if you are dude) together and watch at a friends house instead of going out to the cafe, bar, or restaurant.
5. If your team doesn't win, avoid throwing a big fit or yelling and screaming etc. Say "Alhamdulillah 3la kul shay'" All praise belongs to Allah in every circumstance. Practice our anger steps: if you are standing sit, if you are sitting lay down, if none of that works make wudu and pray :-)

Any tips?


Constructive Attitude said...

great post and so true. people have been so obsessed with the world cup lately.

NeverEver said...

yes, finding that balance is difficult for some people when it comes to things that they feel are really "fun" and stuff. InshaAllah we will all learn more balance in this life :-)

Anonymous said...

#5 applies to me :( Jazakullah kheyr for the tips !!

NeverEver said...

ah good, glad it was helpful ya ukhti! of course these were a reminder for myself as well ;-)

Little Auntie said...

asalamu aliakum,

GREAT post. Jazaki Allah koli khair. Baraka Allah feeki <3

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