Saturday, July 3, 2010

Germany vs Argentina


Here we go for Germany and Argentina!

Something classy. Throw in some red accessories and you are good to go!

Something laid back and relaxed :-) Add cute white sneakers!

I'm definitely rooting for Argentina in this game, so InshaAllah we will see how it goes!


Banana Anne said...

I am drooling over the Argentina jilbab, Masha'Allah. If I owned that I would probably wear it everyday. Just a warning, though, I have heard from several people that is a very unreliable website and should best be avoided, so one should try and order that jilbab from somewhere else (I have seen it before on other sites).

NeverEver said...

I really like the argentina one too :-) it seems like a great every-day abaya, like your favorite hoodie but floor length, lol.

i've never ordered from there, so thanks for the heads up! :-)

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