Friday, July 16, 2010

My Daddy



My dad doesn't care that I am Muslim. He doesn't care that I believe in God. He doesn't care that I live a more clean life now.

All he cares is that I do not believe that Jesus is God.

For several months now, my Dad has quit talking about religion. Honestly, I was really relieved because I HATE the feeling of disappointing my daddy and I knew that my beliefs would be disappointing to him.

But today he gave me some papers he printed from the internet entitled "Is Jesus God?" and talked about those "cults" that don't believe that Jesus is God.

It gave a lot of Bible verses that supposedly explain how Jesus is God and also tried to answer some more popular arguments against the trinity (although it did in no way try to explain the trinity, why there should be a trinity, how the trinity is different than polytheism, etc.).

How do I explain to my dad that even if he could provide verses from the Bible that say Jesus is God, or can be interpreted/twisted to say that, that I will still most likely not believe them since I have so much doubt about the authenticity of the Bible in the first place?

I don't know if this will be the beginning of more conversations or arguments or what. Honestly I hope it wont be. Not because I am scared of argument or changing my mind or anything (Allah keep us on the straight path, ameen) but because I hate to see that look of disappointment when my daddy realizes he still didn't convince me.

Also on another note, my bother is becoming more and more conservative in his beliefs. Now he has decided to reject science completely since it contradicts with a literal reading of the Bible.

Ya Rabb, Ya Raheem, have mercy on our families and show them the straight path ameen.


qistina said...

may Allah make it easy for u to face your family. ameen to your du'a. of course its hard to not being able to share it with loved ones something that you really love (islam of course)..stay patient for Allah loves those who are patient, insyaAllah

Falling Up said...

Stay strong, sis! And patient!! May Allah SWT make it easier for you and may He help your father understand.

UmmSqueakster said...

I've always tried to put myself in my parents' shoes. I would be terribly saddened if my children chose not to practice islam, so I don't blame my parents for leaving the religion they raised me in.

I know that they are more upset that I chose islam than they are at my sister for being a buddhist agnostic, or my brother who just plain doesn't care, but again, I can see where they're coming from.

At least he still talks to you :) I'd just change the subject and talk about something you share in common. I always talk healthy eating with my mom, and exercise with my dad.

LK said...

My mom was like your dad. Until she took a class on Islam and started taking classes on Catholicism. She then realized that other religions might be ok too and not just the Catholics will go to Heaven. She is still weiry about me not believing Jesus is God but she now sees what I see: that God is merciful. That perhaps there are multiple paths to God.

I pray things will get better for you.

Anonymous said...

Wa alaikum salaam :)

Yup, patience!
Hmm.. this is a delicate situation.
Inshallah Allah will help you through it.. Meanwhile, keep talking to your dad about the things u two have in common and do things together..

I can understand how you hate the feeling that he is disappointed. May Allah be with you. Maybe you could just smilingly say "I'll think about it dad..." and end the conversation like that so he won't really be that disappointed perhaps...

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I agree w/Splendid Sky. Try to focus on what you have in common and for the time being avoid those issues that are triggers for him.

Does your dad realize how much time and energy you devoted to studying the Bible before you became Muslim?

Hajar said...

Salams sis. I pray that things will become better between you and your family. Take care sis and stay strong!

White Freedom said...

Insha'Allah your father accept what you believe and i hope soon you will never see the disappointment look on your father's face ya Rabb

Khawla said...

May Allah give you the strength to stay on the right path!

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