Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Friday Khutba



A few weeks ago a brother at our masjid who regularly gives the khutba talked about men's hijab :-) (what I mean by men's hijab is the covering that Muslim men are required to give)

I know, right! A dude bringing up the subject of men's hijab? It was so great subhanAllah!

He basically said "look brothers... you guys would talk endlessly about those sisters that you think don't cover correctly and yet you don't even come to the masjid in proper clothing."

He talked about how our brothers sometimes are so aghast if they see a sister who isn't covered and yet can't be bothered to properly cover their awrah when praying, let alone outside the masjid and in public.

He reminded the brothers of what areas they are commanded to cover and also that if the awrah is not covered, then salah is invalid.

mashaAllah it was great! This brother is one of my dear friend's husband and is a convert from Arizona. Allahu alem, he appears to me to be very sincere and intelligent. I always enjoy when he gives the khutba, especially this one :-)


jnana said...

Yes, don't know why men's hijab goes unnoticed but it's important too. Men's hijab most importantly consists of lowering the gaze.

Rene´s Bare Essentials said...

salaam alaikum,

great post! One thing a lot of men have no problem doing is watching football (soccer) or playing soccer in shorts that go above their knees. Part of their "hijab" is to cover from the waist to the knees yet they see nothing wrong with watching players on screen whose shorts are much shorter than that (which they are not supposed to see) or wearing the same shorts when playing sports with their friends. Yet these same guys would be quick to judge a sister who shortened her abayah to go swimming or play sports outdoors.

LK said...

Yay. I hope he talked about lowering their gaze men are so bad at that >_<

Its good that someone is mentioning it. My girlfriends were talking about this the other day. How they are tired of the men criticising them when the men don't even dress properly. Yes your requirement is to cover navel to knee but most scholars will say the men should cover more than that. Long pants are highly recommended lol

Secretly Identified said...

Great post!..
And nice blog too mashallah!

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