Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hi *blush*



so... wow... hi everyone!

i missed you...

I have been so busy you guys. School started, then Ramadhan, one of my besties got the swine flue *eck* and said bestie is international so they have no family here, so I took care of them *double eck* I felt so bad...

Anyway, the moral of the story is I'm back now, inshaAllah.

So a quick update.
I'll call this section

Ramadan Recap

1. Ramadan went well, alhamulillah! I reached some goals and didn't reach others. InshaAllah this will be another post soon.
2. I made TONS of new girlfriends, YAY!!!! and spent so much time at the masjid, alhamdulillah. I've never had girlfriends before and it's just been a total blast.
3. I'm learning Arabic. I take an hour to hour and a half of Arabic class every day (that is 6 hours per week), and I'm starting to be able to read some Qur'an now *mashaAllah*
4. I got two sort of weird unofficial marriage offers, lol. more on this later as well.
5. My dad and brother still don't know that I've converted even though they know that I wear hijab and abaya... I think they just pretend to not know...
6. There is a baby at my masjid and his name is Noor. Okay there are a lot of babies, but this baby is just the bees knees, mashaAllah! He is Yemeni and he is between 9 months and a year. I want to take him and keep him forever, lol. I think my hormones are playing with me.


Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Glad you're back! You're probably right about your dad and brother having some idea of what's going on. They might not be ready to officially talk about it yet I guess.

Banana Anne said...

Alhamdulillah, I'm glad your Ramadhan went so well! Mine was very good too, Alhamdulillah. It was difficult for the first two weeks because I had to hide the fact that I was fasting (my parents still don't know I'm Muslim, unfortunately), but once I got back to school it was great, Alhamdulillah (wow, lots of Alhamdulillahs here, lol). That's great that you've made so many new friends and that you're working so hard to learn Arabic. Insha'Allah I will have the motivation (and time) to study Arabic intensively as well.

Also, I'm pretty sure your dad and brother know that you are Muslim. It is very rare for someone who is not Muslim to all of a sudden start wearing hijab and abaya. And if your mom knows, I'm sure she's hinted at it or downright told them. Insha'Allah everything will work out with them.

NeverEver said...

Stacy: Aww yay, I missed you especially while I was gone... really i did! They may have some idea, but I think they keep rationalizing it. Like they think I'm taking the parts of Islam that I like (like the modesty) and adding it to Christianity.

Anne: Alhamdulillah I'm so glad you made it through those first two weeks! I totally understand what you mean... my dad and brother didn't know I was fasting, and I'm the main cook of our family. I was cooking and then not eating and praying that they wouldn't notice. Once school started though it was better because my parents wouldn't get home until after maghreb from work.
I think maybe mom has hited at it, and maybe they suspect, but I think they just aren't ready to fully grasp it. Plus they don't see me outside the house like... ever, because they work in another town, so my hijab and abaya isn't so in their face. I usually take it off at the door.

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