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Okay, I wanted to ask you guys... how do you feel when people dress differently at the masjid or in prayer than they do outside?
I'm not sure if this topic is inappropriate, but it's something I have noticed and wanted to talk about. If you think it is inappropriate or anything, just let me know.

Classificiations by Outifts:
1. Dressing always the same (outside, in the masjid, in prayer)
2. Dressing in a way outside that you would never dress when coming to the masjid, but praying the same way they come to the masjid (like wearing pants in outside life, but never wearing pants to the masjid or to pray)
3. Dressing any way outside and to the masjid, but covering more or differently in prayer (like wearing hijab/no hijab with pants outside and to the masjid, but slip on a loose skirt when you pray)

Which ones do you guys fall into? What do you think of each category? Is this even something you have ever thought about? :-P Is it important to think about how we dress when we pray versus how we dress in "real" life? What is the motivation of dressing this way for each category?

Okay thanks for humoring me :-D


Princess said...

Salam sis! I think that if you need to change in order to pray then you're dressed inappropriately for Islam!

Habibti said...

we should be able to pray with our everyday clothes to the mosque i think mostly as a hijabi. you dont have to change. you can pray everywhere. thats what i like about hijab.

Banana Anne said...

Lately I've been trying to improve my wardrobe so I can theoretically pray anywhere. I've been trying to wear more long skirts and dresses, and wider pants when I wear shorter skirts and dresses. I make sure my hijab is covering my chest, something I didn't really pay attention to before. I'm also careful not to wear clothing that has pictures of people or animals on them so I won't have to worry about changing clothes before prayer. So I guess I'm still not quite at the point where I wear the same clothes in the masjid as I do anywhere else, but Insha'Allah I'm getting there.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I guess I'm basically a #2. I am usually dressed basically appropriately to pray as a Muslim, but sometimes my hijab consists of a pashmina I'm carrying with me or that is down on my shoulders. I almost always have a floor-length skirt and the pants that I do have are loose and i wear them with either a tunic or long sweater. I wish I could have more of a single standard of dress though.

Hijab Chic said...

Great post!

I don't want to attack anyone or insult anyone, but rather - to remind my dear Sisters, including myself.

I think it's weird when some Sisters wear "hijab" full time, but can't perform salat, because the outfit is not modest enough.
What was the commandment of jilbab again?

I do understand if it's a non-hijabi Muslimah who only covers for prayer or if it's a hijab beginner, but what about women who have chosen to wear hijab full time, who have made some kind of a commitment to it?

The thing is, these Sisters are obviously aware of the fact that their hijab doesn't fulfill the requirements of Islamic hijab and jilbab, since they know they can't pray wearing such clothes. The question is why do they still go out dressed up like that and call it hijab? If it's not "hijab" enough for praying, how is it "hijab" enough for the eyes of non Mahram men?

If you really need to change your clothes in order to pray maybe it's time to think about the purpose of hijab again and read those ayahs in the holy Quran.

May Allah guide all of our dear Sisters in Islam.

Mas said...

Salaams ladies, I'm a full time hijabi, but when I pray I would like to put on white robes as per the picture. Yes, theoretically i could wear my work or everyday clothes to pray but somehow it's not the same...If for some reasons or other the white robes are not available, I will put on socks to cover my feet. Hence, I always carry socks in my bag. I do see some ladies praying with their exposed not comfortable with that.

Lameaa Mohamed said...

Salam sisters!
For me we should change our clothes to our prayers. We should wear an abaya or special praying clothes. When we pray we are talking to Allah so we should respect this moment even by changing clothes. Of course we all know it's not always possible to wear praying clothes but we should try to do it as often as its possible ;) Of course thats just mine opinion.
I hope soon I will be able to buy nice simple abaya for my prayers or special one Inashallah. :)

NeverEver said...

Mas: Why do you feel you should cover your feet for prayer but not outside? I'm not saying one way is right or the other because I really don't know, I am just curious as to motivation :-)

Lameaa: I have special clothes for praying in the house, because then my clothes do not meet requirements for prayer (t-shirts, pants just below knees, etc) I think the things i am seeing though, and what brought on this conversation, is that some women don't just change to clean clothes for prayer. They just wear the same clothes, but slip a skirt over their jeans, etc. I was just wondering what is the motivation for this action.

I know people don't usually do things without thinking about it first, and I was just wondering what people were thinking that was different than the way that I think :-)

Mas said...

After ablutions, somehow the acting of putting on special robes or abaya somehow put my mind in sync,that I'm having a 'date' with our Lord and I would like to look my best for Him. As for the socks, i do wear daily but it tends to stink, so not very nice to use it for prayers. I always carry a clean sock in my bag just in case a robe is not available in mosques. Just my opinion.

Haaniah said...

Salaams, Im pretty young (16):) so not hugely experienced but I have been wearing hijab fro around 5 years alhamdulillah:) I found your question really interesting, made me think about what i do personally... and I realised that it changed from masjid to masjid,so I would usually wear my normal clothes that I pray in to any masjid, however, for example,teh people at my local masjid are more of the opinion that you should only wear very dark colours, and so in order not to cause conflict/ backbiting/ general uncomfortableness I will generally wear black / navy blue when I attend there. Has anyone else experienced this kind of thing??

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