Sunday, October 25, 2009

Daily Style



So this is my Daily Style, if you will.

Usually you can find me in a jalabiya or maxi dress with sleeves, covered up with an abaya (usually an open front kind) and a bright scarf.

I'm also usually in flat sandals, even when it's snowing.

Last but not least an aquamarine ring that my mom got me that looks vaguely like this one and resembles one that my grandmother wore everyday.

What do YOU wear???


Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I'll have to make my own set one of these days. Usually I wear a floor-length skirt with leggings under it in the winter with a 3/4 sleeve or long sleeved shirt. I have some patterned skirts, but all of my shirts are solid colors. I guess I'm kind of a minimalist, and its easier to match things that way. I like pashmina scarves in the cooler weather, but I will use something thinner in the summer, although I don't cover full-time. I also have some Somali dirac (traditional dresses) and one abaya, but neither is really my everyday look. I also wear sandals way into the cold season. I love that jalabiya in your set!

Banana Anne said...

My wardrobe has gone through quite a few changes in the past few years. Before learning about Islam in ninth grade, I wore grungy t-shirts with armpit stains, oversized sweatshirts, and jeans. After learning about Islam and deciding that I wanted to convert, I gradually replaced my t-shirts with long-sleeved shirts and wore only long pants. I would have worn long skirts, but my mom didn't let me because they were "too religious" looking. After I went to college and actually converted, I started wearing short dresses/skirts over my pants because that was what I saw all the other Muslim girls doing for modesty. A few months later I began wearing a headscarf everywhere except for class (I couldn't bring myself to wear it full-time and make it "official"). When I went back to college this semester, I started wearing a headscarf everywhere including class. The scarves started to get longer to make sure that they cover my chest. I try to wear my long sleeves baggier since the shirts I had before were skin-tight. Now I'm trying to wear longer skirts and baggier pants. If I had the money, I would buy baggier shirts, wider-legged pants, and some of those casual jilbabs in denim and corduroy (the ones that button up in the front and look like long trenchcoats), but alas, I am a broke college student. Someday, Insha'Allah, I would like to always wear a long overcoat over my clothes. I prefer jilbabs/overcoats over abayas because, in my opinion, jilbabs/overcoats are more "American" looking, and I also think they are more simple and casual (black abayas or abayas with lots of embroidery and sequins just seem too fancy/classy for me).

NeverEver said...

@ Stacy: You definitely should make a set. I hear that dirac are pretty comfy... even some women in the gulf get them and use them as like house jalabiya if I'm not mistaken. The jalabiya comes from and they have a whole bunch of jalabiya in this same kind of style with different colors and patterns and stuff.

@ Anne: Yeah, maybe you are right about the "American" thing. I wear the abaya mostly because it is the most modest thing that I own. They were given to me as gifts, alhamdulillah. I do enjoy the look of them, though. None of mine are as fancy as the one in the set, I just thought this one was pretty haha. I do like kind of "girly" or "sparkly" things occasionally, though I think my style is over-all laid back.

Rubber said...

sis...u can wear anything under an abaya...anything u r comfy with as long as it isnt open in the front...that is the abaya. i dunno if u know that or not.long skirts for me...till i stop being a chicked and wear an abaya...if i buy one...the one i have is too short. i have a question for u in another post.

Rubber said...

and lol sis...some christian guys can be so good...u i was lowering my gaze...and i saw two started looking down..and u know they werent looking up at they were so made me feel like laughing..and i was thinking may Allah give them pious

Rubber said...

i meant being a chicken

NeverEver said...

Rubber: I do wear an open abaya, so long dresses/skirts/jalabiya are the best for me. Also i just enjoy wearing them! honestly I like to be modestly covered in front of women as well, so if i get to a friend's house and take off the abaya, I'm still comfortably dressed.
You are right, some Christian guys are really good at this. They notice when a sister deserves respect, especially one who covers.

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