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I was reading a website called "Holla Back New York" where people who live in New York City can report harassment. They can submit location, time, pictures, etc. in order to shame the harassers and also to help others avoid that situation.

I came across **this** report and I just thought, wow... SubhanAllah, Allahu Alim.
*note* the post I linked to does have some foul language, fyi

This girl was being harassed and what did she do?!?! She wrapped her scarf around her head and shoulders to protect herself.



.::Tuttie::. said...

where is the link? I looked all over the post.

NeverEver said...

It's linked to the word "this"
Sorry, the color scheme might have made it hard to find. I'll try to make it more obvious!

Safyiah said...

SubhanAllah =O
It's in the Qur'an, the reasons why a woman whould cover herself and one of those reasons are "protection". And by protection, it's meant all kinds of protection, not only psychological, but even physical. Allahu Akbar. I'm proud to be a muslimah

Laila Of Course! said...

Oh, wow, Mashaallah. Powerful.

Inshallah I love, love your blog and have left you an award back at the blog! :) Be sure and pick it up!

Rubber said...

lol. man. this made me chuckle. :-)islam is like common sense. there is no need for so many questions:why shud i wear a hijab? shud i wear one? when shud i wear one? why shud i wear one? it really does go with the fitrah. and if it goes with the fitrah then it must be the right thing.islam is just keep answering your conscience. simple. SubhanAllah!!!

Rubber said...

man, i love this post. it is so lol so practical.It is like a wakeup call to what islam is about:answering ur conscience. going with ur fitrah. nothing more.MAN I SO love this post. i dont care if i sound like a loon.this is how Allah teaches us. Through our experiences in everyday life. it isnt about conventions and rules...IT IS ABOUT WHAT MAKES U FEEL MORE WORTHY,THAT IS IT!!!!!!!!!!!so this is how we find the right path.pray for me, sis.

Rubber said...

it is like putting 2 and 2 together. I wonder if this is spamming.sorry. MAN I REALLY LIKE THIS POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It is AMAZING!!!!!!

NeverEver said...

@ Safyiah: Yeah, I totally put my scarf on a little bit more proudly today for sure :-P Allahu Akbar

@ Laila: aww :-D I'm glad that you like it and Thanks Thanks Thanks for the award!!! btw, I love your blog too, it is so witty! :D

@ Rubber: Ya it is too true, so much of Islam is just common sense you know, like you can feeeeel that it's right, subhanAllah. It's only spam if you don't want to read it, and I love to read it so it isn't spam. Thaks for the comments sis, and InshaAllah you will be in my prayers.

Rubber said...

i really like ya sis. hey can i recommend a good blog to ya:
Chasing Jannah by Aalia of Abu Dhabi.

it isnt mine. lol. its a revert sis' and is excellent advice and mature thot. And also, American Muslima Writer's blogs. i dunno if u follow them. but are very good.

Rubber said...

lol man y'know what? yesterday, my aunt came and u know i started covering my head(also around my male cuznz...) so she goes oh rubber has turned so islamic. i mean cmon man u calling me islamic...may be something wrongwith cuz it is compulsory for evry muslim girl to cover herself around any male at all. just felt like telling u dis. i mean isnt it hypocrisy if i cover my head instead of other guys and not around my male cuznz??? isnt it SOOOO OBVIOUS...? i dunno MAN ppl just love their ignorance. shrugs.

Fatimah said...

LOL i love it! that's awesome :) Thanks for linking this!

NeverEver said...

@ Rubber: I went by that blog, and it was nice! Thanks for the reference. Ya, I wore my scarf around my cousin too, but they don't know I converted yet, lol. I'm sorry that you get that kind of stuff coming from a Muslim family, but inshaAllah you will have an easier time in the future. Maybe once everybody knows and it isn't like a "shock" anymore, people will lay off.

@ Fatimah: no problem, the pleasure is all mine :-D glad u enjoyed it sis!

Rubber said...

strangers for eva!!!! love you sis.

NeverEver said...

love you too!

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