Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Are you Hot in that?



Okay I feel like everyone who doesn't live at the north and/or south pole has heard this question before.

"Oh MY, aren't you HOT wearing that scarf?!?"

My favorite answer...?

"No ma'am, I'm wearing this scarf because I AM hot!" *wink*


Stacy aka Fahiima said...

That's awesome! Truly it makes very little difference when its hot whether you're covered or wearing very little. When you're in direct sun its often hotter to be wearing less clothes.

Rayyan said...

Wow Sis your answer is SUPERB!
Yeah the more hotter it becomes the more bare they become, and they think they will feel cool but they only become so sunburnt.
By dressing Islamically in all seasons it is a protection from becoming weather beaten!

Rubber said...

lol. lame. i got to college. wish me luck. told my the guy who was here at the airport that i need to go pray,. as soon as he saw my muslimness...he started hating me.
really intersting. wasnt being free with hiom either. but i was respectful.\


any advice????

Rubber said...

the guys dont get it when i lower my gaze. the guy at the airport said look at me. then i said i cant cuz it is some tradition. then he said im sorry. really people here think i am CRAZY..
really nuts. how to deal??? cant see a single muslim on campus.they also dont get why i need to sit alone....they keep asking me...are u all right??? and the man it has the funniest responses. people stop and stare...i wear a big chadder thing right...also. i was praying at the airport. and man people thought i had really really LOST it....
rofl. man...ANY ADVICE???? ANY AT ALL FROM ANYONE ??? will be highly appreciated. i feel so lonely. how do i keep my iman up in such a conducive environ??

Dedra said...

guys will never understand lol i'm sorry but a lot of them won't... my best advice as a Muslimah in the States is to remain headstrong. Don't let someone think there is something wrong with you. There isn't you're a humble follower of Allah. :D

nor said...


i hear u sister, that's a gd one :)

do drop by my blog:)

Amirah said...

I prefer, "Yes, I am hot, but hell is hotter." LOL I have never actually said it but sometimes I think about it when it's 90 degrees and humid! :-P

Rubber said...

hey is 2am and i have been locked out of my dorm. i am sitting in an empty computer room.and it is raining outside. but i am not very scared because this is what Allah has ordained.

Rubber said... the morn i went when they were opening the dorm. got surprised knw i find really strange that when guys flirt here and look at u in the eyes...that is just ok. and when try to be modest its not.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I just gave you another award!

Rubber said...

lol sis, enough of the self rant. but i am in a huge state of shock. that is all. everybody keeps asking me if i am all right. i think they do not beieve in God's existence at all. i am a sinner but at least i acknowledge God's existence.

Rubber said...

really i am shocked how people treat you just cuz u believe in God. SHOCKED. really.

monalisa said...

i might steal the expression when i need to, cuz i absolutely LOVED it =)
~peace from saudi arabia

WhiteOrchid said...

LOL now thats a good one!

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