Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Little Children :-D



MASHAALLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! InshaAllah I will be able to teach my children (if I am so fortunate to have them) this well!!!


*On a side note* My mom saw this and was really offended that it called Christians "the misguided." She doesn't believe everything that Christians believe, but still considers herself one, so this was very "personal" to her. So if you know someone under the same circumtances, best avoid showing them this video.


Stacy aka Fahiima said...

This video's not showing up for me. Just an empty white box :(

NeverEver said...

Sorry, i have no idea why :-( !!

That is the video link, hope it works!!!

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Well that was weird. It works now. YouTube glitch I suppose.
MashaAllah what a cute (and well-spoken) girl!

Rubber said...

lol. she is adorable.

NeverEver said...

Yes, mashaAllah she really is adorable. :-D

Anne said...

Mashallah, she's very cute (and smart!), Inshallah she'll grow up to have much more knowledge (at this rate, she could be a scholar!) I wish the man asking her the questions didn't sound so angry, though.

NeverEver said...

InshaAllah! I know... I thought the same thing :-P

Nashe^ said...

The asker should be more gentle! Haha. I think the "misguided" issue arises from the fact that it was a direct translation or something, but it definitely isn't for Christians to read/see.

Anonymous said...

lol kids can be soooooo cute!!!
lol i caught 3 kids staring at me in the hijab!!!
so cute

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