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I am really really really really really really really really really really stressed out right now.

My brother, his wife and my parents are all moving into a house together. They made this decision about a week ago and are moving into the new house this weekend. I cannot live full time with my brother. It will cause problems.

SO now I have to find a place to live. More importantly I have to find a job in order to find a place to live.

Did I mention that summer has already started? Did I mention we are in a recession? Did I mention that I wear hijab?

If I can find even a part time job that pays around $800 a month, inshaAllah I will be okay.

please make du'a for me...


جيسي‎ said...

Salam dear...
That sounds really tough ) :
Where do you live?
I am really blessed that in my job I have right now the people are so nice and diverse. I had the courage to ask my manager one day if and when I revert to Islam and start to wear my Hijab would I be able to wear it at work? She said "OF COURSE!!!! why wouldn't you? It's part of your religion and we can't make you not wear it!" I was really shy to ask but was very proud I spoke about it and made my belief appearant to my coworkers. She asked the hiring manager too who hired me and she said of course! But it has to be green and match the Sobeys uniform :-) and we will embroid the logo on
I do fear though when I graduate and look for my REAL CAREER as a teacher that if I wore hijab would it affect it? A quote from a fab movie 'My name is Khan' ... "Allah understands but people don't - so don't wear your Hijab now". It was after pressure of 9-11. I feel it would be ok for an interview to NOT wear Hijab THEN put the pressure on them after you're hired ; ) That's what I would do.

InkBlotsBlueAbayas said...

try that is where I got my job from. You can search by city by job type or both.

Goodluck, saying a prayer for you.

Rukhpar Mor said...

Assalam Alaykum,

I worked at Kumon tutoring center for two years. When I had called in to ask if they were hiring, they told me to come in for the interview right away! I did and got the job.
I think you should check if they have tutoring places near your house. Parents are always in need of tutors and such. It is not an easy job, but you should definitely give it a try.
Here are some tutoring company websites:

These are places to start. About the hijaab, I don't know how it will be. Most people where I leave are pretty okay with hijaab or atleast are used to it, it seems.

I wish you all the best, InshAllah:)

My Getaway said...

Inshallah khair sis.

myownpersonalrehab said...

I don't know much about the adult world but that sounds really stressful! I'm wishing you luck. I'm glad all I have to worry about are finals!

Anonymous said...

Don't you worry sis.. Inshallah all will be fine.

You might have to try a lil harder than others to find a job that is hijab-compatible, but Inshallah you will!
I will pray for you :)

Inshallah you'll never have to give up your hijab for the job. --With difficulty comes ease.. With difficulty surely comes ease-- :)

Hope all settles just fine on the family front too. Inshallah, Ameen!

Wafa' said...

inshAllah things will work out the way you want them to with job and a place of your own :)

Falling Up said...

oh that sucks. Will it create more problems if your brother knows that youre moving out bc he is moving in? Or have you just never gotten along? I hope everything sorts itself out!!! I've never had a job, but I know there are a lot of hijabis with jobs out there so dont see that as an inhibiting factor! Good luck

NeverEver said...

Jesse: alhamdulillah I am glad to hear that you are not having problems with your job! I know of some sisters who feel that they would be fired if they wore hijab. Allah give us all strength, ameen

IBBA: thanks for the site :-) I found a couple jobs there that I applied for, inshaAllah will hear back after the long weekend

Rukhpar Mor: I think there was a lady who was looking for an assistan at a kumon center but it is quite a drive from where I live. InshaAllah I will contact her, thanks for the advice and links!

My Getaway: InshaAllah :-)

myownpersonalrehab: well then I hope inshaAllah your finals go swimmingly!

splendid: ameeeeen inshaAllah, jazakillah khair sis

wafa': inshaAllah :-D

Falling Up: I get along great with my brother alhamdulillah until we get to something on which we disagree (such as reilgion). He is very hard headed and basically will not listen to anyone else's opinion. It makes it difficult for me to be around him all of the time though I do love to spend time with him, if that makes sense :-P

Rubber said...

missed your blogging
may Allah help you and me.

Rubber said...

umm if it makes things too hard on you... dont wear the niqaab..
all right?
dont cut off from your family too much.
u manage well...but be careful.

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