Wednesday, May 19, 2010

7 Things


I got tagged to share seven random things by Tutti and since she ACTUALLY went through the trouble to tag me (to type my name and everything!), I decided I had better do it. :-P

1. Repetitive action is incredibly soothing to me. I seriously think I was made for factory work. Collating is my passion, lol. Something about doing the same exact motion over and over sets my mind free. I love it!

2. I use to hate TV, but then I realized it was just because all the good shows got cancelled. (RIP: Freaks and Geeks, My Name is Earl, Firefly, Dead Like Me, The Tick) Fox and NBC can eat my shorts.

3. I like the taste of canned fruits and vegetables. When I feel like a snack, sometimes I will just open a can of corn or tomatoes and tuck in. I prefer canned pears to fresh ones 100%. I don't like for my pears to be crunchy.... ewww

4. I've only worn makeup outside my house once since I converted. It was for an Eid party lol. I also covered my face on the way because I felt like I looked like a total skank (lol, I was wearing eyeliner, mascara and cherry chapstick :-P)

5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE grilled food. If it wasn't a pain in the butt to light up the coals, I would have at least one grilled meal per day.

6. I take pictures of alllllll of the food that I make. It is like a compulsion now. I can't start eating unless I take a picture. wow... I just realized how freaky that was once I wrote it down, lol.

7. I use to swim a mile every day, but I haven't been swimming since I converted. I bet my stamina is awful now...

I tag: wafa', sara, stacy, rene, banana ann, safyiah, and inkblotsblueabayas


Sara said...

sorry sis but are you referring to me when you wrote sara? Theres many sara's i get confused sometimes:S

Anywho I enjoyed this post alot!



Banana Anne said...

2. Oh my gosh, Freaks and Geeks is SUCH a good show. I have the series on DVD and it never gets old. Also, My Name is Earl is cancelled??! :(

3. I like canned food too, especially canned peaches! I also love canned tuna; I would eat that every day if I wasn't worried about the mercury levels in tuna.

4. I hate makeup; I think it's a hassle to put on, it's expensive, and I think I look so much nicer when I don't wear it.

5. Grilled food is amazing. Period. You can make anything taste good on the grill. And you use real coals, Masha'Allah! (I always use gas grills, but charcoal grills make the food taste so delicious!)

7. Aww, you should try swimming again! If there aren't any pools around you that have women's only swimming hours, maybe you could invest in an Islamic swimsuit. There are some decent looking ones out there, and if you really like swimming they would probably be a good investment (unlike me; I couldn't justify buying one because I don't like swimming).

heart/and/soul said...

you're odd, funny and cool all at the same time :)

NeverEver said...

Sara: Yep it was you! guess i should have clarified, lol

Anne: yes sadly there are only four seasons of MNIE... not near enough time and on top of that, no final episode!
ditto on makeup... it is just unnecessary!
yeah I'm a coal kind of girl. give me matches and lighter fluid and I'm ready to go! :-P
I dunno about those swim suits... I think I would feel really uncomfortable. Just imagine when they get all wet and clingy... i might as well wear a bikini, lol

heart/and/soul: lol alhamdulillah that is exactly what I was going for :-P!!!

Wafa' said...

Love to know more about you dear :)

As for me, i have been taged long time ago and did it , you can check my 7 things that i turned into 19 lol here

*JetLagged* said...

Assalaamu Alaikum!

I totally second number 1!! Repetition is lovely, isn't it :)

Thanks for commenting on my blog!


Skye said...

Assalaamu Alaikum sis
I love the taste of canned fruits and vegies, peaches in a can mmmm sweet corn in a can mmmmm, Masha'allah sis thats fantastic u dont wear makeup outside.. Grilled food tastes so much better I love a grilled steak yummm, I used to be the same with taking pics of all the food I made but than my camera started getting really dirty cause somehow oil or something would splash up onto it, im not much of a swimmer myself but I do love the water, Ive only been in the water 3x since I reverted like 6years ago

Take care sis loved the tag

Skye xoxo

My Getaway said...

I used to love swimming too but people started looking at me like I was crazy when I would get in the pool with pants and a long shirt lol. I miss the women only indoor pools back in the Middle East that was much easier.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

1. Collating :-) I had to collate variants in Greek manuscripts for one of my Undergrad classes. I was not a fan!
However, I do like to knit and that is definitely repetitive as well.

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