Thursday, May 6, 2010

Muslim Countries



I don't understand this logic...

When we want to cover in "Western" countries, we are told to "go to a Muslim country if you want to do that."

Yet when "Westerners" go to Muslim countries, they are highly insulted when someone asks them to cover up properly.

Can anyone explain this to me?


Anonymous said...

This is a strange thing to happen. Not only is it not allowed by law for muslimahs to cover up and have her rights respected but they get arrested too in some western counties.

And yet in Muslim countries, Western women walk half naked and they have all the rights to dress as they please and no one gives a second thought.

What a strange times we live in.

Hijab Chic said...

Double standards.

Pásik Kroch said...

look, if Egyptian, Moroccans etc do not want European/NA tourists to come to their countries, just tell it plainly and frankly.
there is plenty nice places in South Europe/Caribic where we can spend our money.

and as for this niqab problem - main problem is the religous exception to obstacle to identification and state security.
not only in UK, but in many moslem countries were countless robberies in bank/jeweleries committed by burka/niquabed men.

so niquabi is putting over her supposed piety above the potential safety and lives of other people.

It seems childish to me.
but if someone is so self-centered.. there is no help against it.

NeverEver said...

Anon and HC: yes I think in this case it is a bit of a double standard, inshaAllah we can all have our rights respected one day:-)

Pasik: Thank you for your prospective, I really appreciate it!

I am currently writing a response in another blog post since it is a bit lengthy.

Pásik Kroch said...

"As for robberies, people will continue to cover their faces when they rob places regardless of whether innocent women are also covering their faces."
- sorry, that is not a valid argument - you can say also - people are killing each other, so why prosecute murder?
- for every niquabi - in NA/Western culture/Far East culture - people who hide their face are considered as double faced/mined.

If you have a high risk situation (like a jewelry store or a bank) have a female guard id covered women on their way in. They would generally have to be id'd before purchase or withdrawl/deposit anyway, so just move the process to to the door."
I think you are not used to think in "safety" terms - solution you have proposed only provide a female hostage to the robber and eventually one more dead.
- now there are following questions:
- is the comfort of a niquabi worth of human life?
- God-centered/self centered: want it or not, like it or not, everybody is living and interacting among and with people. so there is need for compromises.
In a non-islamic country the niquab is the source of unwanted caution -so it loses the original meaning of modesty.
in order to be modest, one need to blend.
- plus, wearing niqab can be seen as the sign of distrust of the Allah - does this person not believe that Allah is forgiving?
or it is way to conceal more sins, or gaining some hasanats needed for erasing other sins?
- if it s so, it is the wrongest reason to wear it.
- in order to live in un-islamic country, one needs to show the loyalty to her country. so niquabi can be seen as the potential traitor and member of subversive fith column. so if niquabi insist to wear a niqab in spite of such connotations, non-muslim or other minded muslims have right to think and to behave as they please.

Candice said...

I wish we could all just accept others as we are culturally (so long as it doesn't go against human rights!).

My experience has been a bit different than your's though. I have seen more Western people willing to adapt to culture when they go live in a Muslim majority than Muslims... More Muslims complaining to the government than Westerners. And an egual number of each talking behind the other's backs for not adapting.

I think people are the same everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Candice, that's the best comment I have seen on this blog so far!

NeverEver said...

Candice: I really really agree with you. I wish it could be this way too. But unfortunately it isn't this way right now.

I think the thing that bothers me the most are that Western countries advertise themselves to be free and open societies and it is shocking and contrary to these beliefs to take rights away from a select group of women based on culture (which is generally a racial issue) and religion.
From one standpoint I do not appreciate the fact that women in Saudia are required to wear the 3abaya, but at the same time Saudia does not advertise itself as being a free and open society. There are societal standards there that, fortunately and unfortunately in some cases, don't exist in the west.

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