Monday, May 21, 2012

Video: Science and Islam

Salam! Bismillah I came across this series of episodes from BBC about Science and Islam. As a physicist and a muslimah, I find these really fascinating! They cover the the Golden Age of Islam and the scientific developments encouraged and spearheaded by muslims. As the "western" world was living in the Dark Ages, muslims were gathering all of the intellectual gems from all over the world, translating them, and saving them for subsequent generations. If not for the muslim drive to preserve ancient knowledge and build on it, almost all of the works of the Greeks would have been lost... So please enjoy inshaAllah and learn about the contributions of muslims who are very seldom mentioned today! (as a side note, please note there are unislamic things happening in the video like smoking and such. also be aware that this is not a video about the religion of islam, but about the culture that arose as muslim leadership spread over the world.)


γєssєиìα яυα said...

Salam sis : D
I got one of your msgs before but it was from the Muslimah networking site and I didn't know how to reply xDD
I don't use any of my old e-mails anymore >.<
Alhamdulillah I am doing well and will have a new blog up. I think because I deactivated my old e-mails I cannot get into my old blogging accounts. Had a busy year in school not some free time!
Also my new blog will be open soon inshallah : )

Anyways~ I seen this documentary too : D but didn't you feel it kind of down talks Islam trying to say that it is false and just a copy of Christianity/Judaism based on how the Arabs socialized? I felt a lot of negativity from it >.< It also mocks a hadith... : (

Islam Muslimah said...

oh mashaa'Allah thanks for posting this!! wil have to watch this with my hubby on our "movie night" seeming as movies these days are utterly despicable and so haram! thumbs up for this jazakilah kheyr!

NeverEver said...

oh my freaking gosh jesse you have no idea how happy i am to hear from youuuu!!!
Wallahi the day before or two days before you sent this comment I was lurking around your old blog and trying to find you on my facebook. I know it sounds creepy but I was thinking about how you were doing and hoping I would find you in good health and iman. <3<3<3 So happy you're back inshaAllah!!!

Yes there were some attitudes that were a little bit off-putting. I wouldn't watch it for any Islamic reasons, but the history was interesting.

I.M.: no problem sis <3 and ameen. just keep in mind that it isn't necessarily pro Islam, but is an interesting presentation of history

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