Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Halaqah: Sorat al-Masad #111



Sorat al-Masad

word by word translation

English Interpretation of the Meaning:
1. Ruined are the hands of Abu Lahab and he is ruined.
2. Neither his wealth nor his gains will help him.
3. He will burn in the Blazing Fire
4. and so will his wife, the firewood carrier
5. with a palm-fiber rope around her neck.

Notes from Tafsir:
Abu Lahab was the Prophet's (salAllahu 3alaihi wa sallam) Uncle and he was called Abu Lahab [meaning Father of Flame] because of the redness of his face. He spoke often and openly of his contempt for Islam and the believers. Abu Lahab would follow him around as he called the people to Islam, telling everyone that he was a crazy liar.

Verse 1~ perish the hands of Abu Lahab: this is like a supplication against him
and perish he/he is ruined: this is information about his status and his future in the next life.

Verse 4~ firewood carrier: this is a kind of pun. The wife of Abu Lahab use to throw thorns in the path of the Prophet Muhammad salAllahu 3alaihi wa sallam. Also it is a description of her punishment. She will help to administer the punishment because she was supportive of his disbelief in this life

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