Thursday, May 24, 2012

Halaqah: Sorat al-Kafirun #109



Sorat al-Kafirun

word by word translation:

English Interpretation of the Meaning:
1. Say, "Oh Disbelievers!
2. I do not worship what you worship.
3. Nor are you worshipers of whom I worship.
4. Nor will I be a worshiper of what you worshiped.
5. Nor will you be worshipers of whom I worship.
6. To you be your religion and to me my religion."

Notes from the Tafsir:
It was reported that the Messenger of Allah (salAllahu 3alaihi wa sallam) was seen praying this surah and surat al-ikhlas during:

  • the two rakah of tawaf
  • the two rakah of sunnah before fajr
  • the two rakah after isha
The Makkans during this time tried to make a deal with the Prophet Muhammad (salAllahu 3alaihi wa sallam). They said they will worship Allah for a year, if he would worship their idols for a year. This surah was revealed in response.

Verses 2-5~ A complete disavowal of the religion of the pagans in makkah. 

Verse 6~ like the meaning of verse 10:41 (And if they belie you, say: 'For me are my deeds and for you are your deeds! You are innocent of what I do, and I am innocent of what you do!")
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