Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Talk Like an Arkansan #2



Some more common words and phrases!!!

crick: creek, small stream or river   "I'm gonna go swimmin' in the crick."

ornery: stubborn, bad tempered   "That bull is ornery."

As (adjective) as a (noun with that characteristic) : a phrase used for emphasis, usually humerous   "That blanket is soft as a baby's butt."

... as all get out: to the maximum amount   "He's as mad as all get out."

if'n: if, in case  "If'n you ain't gonna eat that, can I have it?"

air up: inflate   "Don't forget to air up your tires."

hunkey dorey: great, perfect  "Everything is hunkey dorey!"

cross purposes: two opposing objectives "They's workin' at cross purposes."

womper-jawed/ off kilter: akew, off center  "Fix your dress woman, its all womper-jawed."

darn tootin': for sure, clearly "You're darn tootin'!"

fit to be tied: mad, angry "That big bull was fit to be tied when you jumped in his pen."

pop a squat: sit down  "Come on over and pop a squat, you look bushed."

      bushed: tired, exhausted

hankering/hankerin': a strong desire, craving  "I got a hankerin' for waffle house."

      waffle house: a 24 hour restaurant, serving diner food and breakfast allll daaayyy looooong!!!

heap: plenty, a plethora  "Boy's got a heap a money." (heap of pronounced "heap a")

hear tell: heard a rumor  "I hear tell that girl ran oft and got married."

like to/ liked to have: almost, was about to  "I like to screamed my head off when I saw that those 'coon eyes by the trash can."

      'coon: raccoon, they have reflective eyes in a flashlight beam

goose egg: zero, bruise or bump especially on the head  "Poor Casey got a goose egg on his head last weekend." 

prolly/ probaly: probably  "We should prolly be gettin' in the house right about now 'fore the skeeters come out."
      'fore: before
      skeeter: mosquito

purdy: pretty  "Ain't that a purdy little girl!"

fair to midlin': alright, fine, good  "Oh, I'm fair to midlin' thanks."

ruther/ druther: rather "I'd ruther/ I druther go to Stoby's."
druthers: preferences   "If I had my druthers, we'd be at waffle house."

      Stoby's: restaurant in Russleville and Conway, famous for cheese dip and chips

sho nuff: sure enough, that's right, for sure  "That boy's got a hot head. Sho nuff."

      got a hot head: impatient, quick to anger

tump over: to knock over, turn over  "I done tumped over my milk momma."

'et up: eaten up, bitten  "If you go out with all those skeeters, you're gonna get 'et up!" 

bless your pea-pickin' little heart: aww, poor you, a way of offering condolences "Well bless your pea-pickin' little heart. I'm so sorry to hear that..."

in the offing/ in the offin': in the future, coming up in the near future   "I got a surprise for you in the offin'" 

I know this one is a bit long, but I got excited!! LOL, let me know what you think!!!!


Crystal said...

LOL! I loved it! I haven't heard the phrase, fair to midlin in quite some time.. but all the other words I sometimes use on a daily basis! Another great post NeverEver! I may just have to share you know... :) Or atleast, plus one this on google! Oh and the waffle house, is the best! I love their hash browns!!

γєssєиìα said...

xD so fun!
We say a lot of these things too~
My favorite that my grandma says is 'watchamacallit'

zohair awan said...

wow nice post


A. Zahra said...

Salaam Alaikum my dear sister!
Wish you a beautiful and blessed and awesome month of Ramadan! :)

HN said...

That was really interesting! You seem to have a rich heritage. The past is always fascinating, especially the elegant yet modest fashions! I wish they had never been discarded!

Do you know about this blog? It's called
I found out about it quite recently. It's really very nice. You might like to check it out.

ღUmmعℓαwiღ said...

Salaam hun,

LoL this post made me laugh becuz we talk like this too sometimes...


NeverEver said...

wa 3alaikum salam ya alia! Thanks for dropping by. You know I have heard that from a few Canadian ladies :-P I read that the "southern" accent is more closely related to the british accent than the rest of the US. Maybe thats why Canadians sometimes use a lot of the same phrases :-D subhanAllah

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