Tuesday, April 17, 2012




Hey sisters, I'm so sorry that I have been neglecting this blog so badly...

I don't want to close it, but my life has taken a lot of changes and I'm not sure exactly where this blog fits in anymore. Unfortunately that has led to me slacking off here.

Are there still people coming and reading? Is there anyone interested in new content? What kind of stuff are you interested in hearing about?

I started this blog talking a lot about comparative religion and my experiences in Arkansas as a new minority. For the last semester I've been out of the state, and really out of touch with the world lol.

Anyway, thanks for your input sisters, Jazakum Allah Khair!!!


Banana Anne said...

Salaam alaikum,

If there is new content, I will read it insha'Allah! It can be about anything; I'm not picky. :)

NeverEver said...

mashaAllah Anne I had a felling you would be the one to send a comment. Thanks sis, xoxoxoxoxo

how is everything going?? khair inshaAllah!

Anonymous said...

Assalaam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh sister!
I have also been going through/go through a phase where I'm not blogging as much as I used to... But sometimes I get inspired anyway and find time for it :-) I think the content yuo have on your blog is already very interesting and I'd love to read more of that, when you have time for it, insha'Allah.
Take care.

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