Thursday, December 24, 2009

Plans inshaAllah



Hey girls, just wanted to let you guys in on my current plans.

InshaAllah I will be going to visit my mom's family during this break and I was wondering, do any of you know good stores in Dallas where I can buy some hijabs/ abayaat?? :-D

Thanks a million!
Also I am in the process of working on a big long post now that inshaAllah will be done soon. It has taken a lot of research and reading as I don't want to be completely wrong or shell out incorrect information as that is haraaaaammmm.


Banana Anne said...

Salaam alaikum! I was wondering what happened to you!
I looked on for hijab shops in Dallas, but the only ones I could find were north of Dallas in Garland, Richardson, and Plano. However, there could be shops right in Dallas that just weren't listed. Another place to check would be Type in the ZIP code of the place where you're staying and it will pull up a list of Muslim-owned businesses nearby. One thing to look forward to in Dallas--lots of halal restaurants!!! (I'm assuming there aren't many in Arkansas.)
Have an awesome time on vacation Insha'Allah!

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

You should ask Lisa aka Yasemin. She doesn't live too far from there. Have a wonderful time!

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