Sunday, December 27, 2009

Family: Itro and Part I



I'm writing this post from a very small town in Arkansas where my extended family from my dad's side resides.

Today was the first day that this side of my family saw me in hijab and I wanted to let you all know how it went. InshaAllah this will take up a few posts, so I will just do a little at a time.


First I should say ALHAMDULILLAH nothing really bad happened. There were a few weird questions and looks, but otherwise everyone was no more awkward than we normally are, lol.

The purpose of this visit was Christmas, as you all know that my family is Christian through and through. My goal was to introduce my family to the changes in my life without spilling the beans that I'm Muslim, as my dad still doesn't know and I'm not so sure that my extended family wouldn't try to cut all ties with me if they found out.


Two of the first people I saw on entering the house were my Aunt K. and my Cousin S. They each gave me a hug and we exchanged normal pleasantries... "It's so good go see you", "Its been too long", "How has life been going" etc. My Aunt immediately asked me why I was dressed the way I was.

I guess I should explain how I was dressed for the occasion, lol. I was wearing a white strapless dress with a denim jacket and a dusky blue patterned scarf with my ugg boots. Come on you guys... there was snow on the ground... my toes were coooold.

I explained to her (Aunt K.) that in the New Testament it says that women should cover their heads specifically in prayer, but it also says that we should always be praying, so I feel justified in covering my head all of the time. She seemed a bit taken aback by the way that I dressed and she also thought I was mistaken on the meaning of these verses, so I told her that I would (inshaAllah) send her the verse numbers as well as common interpretations.

After this quick conversation with my aunt, I sat down on the couch with my mom and my Cousin S. My cousin looked at me and just said "you look beautiful." *blush* mashaAllah and Alhamdulillah it was a really nice thing for my cousin to say and I'm glad to know I have her acceptance, at least of the way I dress. Cousin S. talked to my mom a little bit more after that about why I wear it. My mom said that she witnessed with her own eyes the way men treated me in public and how much more respectful they are now, alhamdulillah. It was really great to my have my mommy there as usual :-D!!

That is all for now...
InshaAllah I will do some more posts about this soon!!!

*oooo the suspense!!!*


.::Tuttie::. said...

alhamdulillah it went well for you! May Allah swt keep making your transition easier ameen.

Banana Anne said...

Alhamdulillah, that's great news! And that outfit is super cute!

Rayyan said...

Salam Sis,
I am elated, your family never fail to leave me surprised and just beyond myself.
MashAllah... Allah is with U !
My best regards to your lovely Momma. Uhibbik Habibty (((H)))

Anonymous said...

wow sis.
i think u were very strong.
id just get really scared and u really believe and is shows...cuz you should not stop hoping for good from Allah. I just run off really. so i think i have to start learning from you and learning to defend myself and my poor soul.
you are turning into my role model.
really...i am so shocked...please stay strong.

Anonymous said...

really i get so depressed or angry...i stop caring.
i am smiling now.

Anonymous said...

u show that running away from Allah was not the answer.
wow sis
i am SO smiling like a nut job.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I think that the way you introduced the hijab to them was brilliant. If more Christian women understood that covering was part of Judaism and Christianity throughout history, they would likely receive it more positively.

Maryam said...

Alhamdulillah, that sounds great. You gave a good explanation.

I'm excited to read more!

NeverEver said...

Tuttie: Ameen inshaAllah
Jazakillah khair for your dua sister

Anne: alhamdulillah and thanks :-)

Rayyan: Alhamdulillah I'm so glad it worked out much better than I thought it would, alhamdulillah!!!!!!
My mother sends her hugs to you ya ukhti and I'm sending my love.

Rubber: I freaking love your comments. You are so scattered but so enthusiastic and I can always tell how excited you are and how much you want to love your religion and be good, MASHAALLAH!! May Allah grant you peace in this life and many many blessings in the next my sister. Ameen

Stacy: InshaAllah I want to show my family that I'm not straying from the morals that they taught me, I'm just trying to be better at them! I still spend a lot of time reading the Bible and relating what I learn from the Qur'an to what I already know. I hope that inshaAllah this makes the transition easier for everyone.

Maryam: Jazakillah khair. I spent a lot of thought on how I would explain it to my family and this was the most straightforward way I could think of. Hope you like the rest of these posts inshaAllah!

caraboska said...

NeverEver, I am a Christian and that is *exactly* why I cover :)

NeverEver said...

Caraboska, I wish that I had the courage to cover when I was Christian. I really really really wanted to do it, but was afraid people wouldn't understand so I just waited until I converted. I absolutely love when I see Jewish and Christian sisters who dress modestly. seriously it completely makes my day :-D

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