Sunday, December 27, 2009

Family: Part III




Today's installment will be concerning my dad's mother. I call her Grandma and she is in her mid-eighties mashaAllah. She doesn't see very well, but she is still mashaAllah a very sharp lady. I love her to distraction. :-D

Her story goes over two days, so I will try to differentiate the conversations.

Day One: Yesterday

When I first came inside she just hugged me and told me how much she loved me and how glad she was that I was there. It had been a long time since I had been to see her, astaghfirullah.

Later in the day she looked at me and said "Well aren't you going to take off your coat and hat?" lol I told her no, I was very comfortable thank you, and that was that.

She didn't say anything about it for the rest of the day, probably due to the fact that she couldn't really see me so well.

Day Two: Today

Today, a few hours after I got to my grandmother's house, she looked at me again and said "NeverEver, can you explain to me your costume?" LOL!!! I could tell she was trying to be polite and just didn't know what to call the way I was dressing. I asked "My costume?!?" and laughed a little.

She said to me "Yes, I can tell it is something special, but I don't know why you wear it." MashaAllah I told you she was a sharp lady.

I wore a much brighter scarf today :-) It is plaid and made of the colors in the backgroud.

I told her that this is the way that I always dress, and how I am most comfortable dressing. I also told her that this was my way of telling the world that I respect myself and I expect them to do the same.

I assumed she had the same idea of those Bible verses as my Aunt, so I figured I would wait until I had my Bible and interpretation with me to approach the spiritual aspect of the way I dress. However, I believe that my social reasons for dressing as I do are very valid as well and she seemed to understand.

She nodded her head and once again that was that.

InshaAllah another update later!


Anonymous said...

probably due to the fact that she couldn't really see me so well.
hahaha just sit and me morose..i gotta buck up, sista!seems you can be polite to people without them doing the same thing as you.

Anonymous said...

yes you should respect yourself
and awesomely tolerant mother u have there.
tell her i am impressed by her openmindedness and wave politely at her.

Anonymous said...

and the grandmother
a peck on the cheek would do

Anonymous said...

it is more difficult to contend with the ones you love compared with hats off to you for the courage you have showed.
and AllahuAkbar for this sign!

NeverEver said...

Rubber: Alhamdulillah, anything I am and anything I have I owe to Him. InshaAllah I will handle this in a way that I can keep my family close to me and still do what I believe is right, but I know it is always in His hands. InshaAllah tomorrow I will gie my mom a hug when she wakes up and give my grandma an extra kiss on the cheek just for you!


Anonymous said...

wow sis
i am sooo
finding guidance
i stop being human if i go away from ALlah.
and i dont like that
we need to see our pain and others pain,learn from it.

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