Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kohl vs. Eyeliner




So I have heard around the grapevine that kohl is okay for women to wear because it is sunnah to do so.

I have some questions maybe you guys can answer for me. :-D (i know i'm getting really into this whole question thing... tell me if it bugs you)

1. What are the benefits of kohl that make it sunnah and not just something to make you look prettier?
2. Was it sunnah for the sahabah to wear it, or just the dudes?
3. What is the difference between kohl (specifically) and the eyeliner we can buy at stores here in the U.S.?

I think thats all I've got, thanks girls!!!!


Habibti said...

i think the kohl that was used was good for the eyes. i have yet to find that kohl. personnally im not a makeup person. nor eyeliner person. when i do makeup its only powder, lip gloss and eyeshadow ( preferably smokey eyes). but i dont go outside with makeup. actually i used to everyday do makeup before going out. but when i started wearing hijab, i said okay what to do. i said yahhhh kohllllllllllll. i bought a kohl to use it everyday. but i get just lazy hahhahah i think i lost it. lol.

mami said...

assalamu alaykum.. from what i have heard, kohl is good for the eyes, BUT it has to be the "real" kohl.. the "real" kohl is to be found somewhere in Iran i think, and its kinda reddish, not the black one on the picture above that we´re used to.. but its still like "sand" ... and i think for men, and the prophet and so on used to wear it during the night, when sleeping because of the benefits, so not in a make-up way..
kohl is the only "make-up" that is permitted for women to wear outside, but it depends on the niyah we have.. if we put it on to beautify ourselves in front of strangers its not ok, but if we want to look good in front of our husbands or friends, its ok..

NeverEver said...

okay, if it was sunnah because the Prophet, salAllahu alleyhi wa salam, used it at night before he slept, then shouldn't it also be sunnah for us to use it only in this manner?
In my opinion, if you use it outside of this sunnah, it is just makeup no different everything else and should only be used for husbands/ladies.

Princess said...

Salam sis! you are absolutely right, the Prophet (sal Allahu ʿAlayhi wa Sallam) would wear kohl due to its many benefits, and recommended that others do the same. for girls, we are not allowed to wear kohl or any other adornment of the face and body around non mahram men, however of course we are allowed wear it when we are home and not around non-mahram men. it was also sunnah for the Prophet (sal Allahu ʿAlayhi wa Sallam) to wear kohl before going to sleep, so we have the option of receiving kohl benefits in this case :) the difference with the kohl and eyeliner we buy in the stores is the way it was made. store bought eyeliner is not pure kohl and is mixed with so many chemicals and additives. sis, please be careful also when buying "pure kohl", if you happen to find it here in the states cuz there are many kinds of actual kohl that has been made with lead, which is VERY harmful. sorry for the long response but hope it was helpful! :D

Sansan said...

You know when its real khol because it strong for your eyes. So strong that it will easily make you cry, and this is why it is good. its supposed to clean you eyes from impurty and dirt.
Eyeliner is just to shape your its make up, it wont do you any good except "make you look prettier". Any khol from a makeup brand is not real khol.

NeverEver said...

So I would be correct in assuming, that even though kohl is sunnah for certain situations (at home, for health benefits or for your husband), it is NOT okay to wear it outside the home because then it is just like any other makeup?

Safyiah said...

salamo aleikom.
yeah, no kohl outside, girls!! it has benefits and the Prophet (sws) used it but women, no matter what, should not put any kind of beautification. kohl gives emphazis to the eyes, so we shouldn't use it when going outside.

Howardhijabi said...

But what about this hadith? Imam Ali (s) came from Yemen (during the season of the hajj) and found that Fatima (s) had put off her ihram and put on colored clothes and darkened her eyes with kohl. He denied that. She said: “My father has ordered me to do that.” Imam Ali (s) went to the Prophet (s) asking him about the matter. The Prophet (s) said: “She is true. She is true…”

Safyiah said...

@ Howardhijabi

As-Salamo Aleikom sis. First, we need to know the source of that hadith to see if it's authentic and if we can practice it. Second, 'Ali (radiAllahu 'anhu) wasn't a prophet. So, we shouldn't put "(s)" or "(salAllahu 'alayhi wa salam)" or "('alayhi salam)" after his name. So, I'm guessing that "hadith" came from a Shi'a source and I dont' think the sisters here are follwing that. wa Allahu A'lam

If you could provide more information about the hadith and about its authenticity, it would be much appreciated inshaAllah. jazaki Allah Khair!


NeverEver said...

Also Howardhijabi, this doesn't say that she was in front of non-mahram men either. She could have been inside the house, but he was concerned because she was wearing kohl inside during the hajj time instead of being in ihram.

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