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Today I got this e-mail from a friend and I thought I would take a little time to analyze it here. Maybe you all got this e-mail too... we know how fast these things like to spread. I will put my analysis in [bold red brackets like this] so that you know it's me :-D

مواقع اسلامية بإدارة يهودية

هذه الرسالة مهمة و خطيرة، تأكد من المواقع بنفسك

Please send this message to all your contacts!!!

الرجاء ارسال هذه الرسالة لكل من تعرف

Beware of the following websites:

انتبهوا من هذه المواقع على الأنترنت:

1. www.answering- [Actually a Christian Website, not Jewish]
www.aboutislam. com [Directs you to a Perfume Store]
www.thequran. com [Gives alternative Interpretation of Ayat... I guess it COULD be Jewish... maybe]
www.allahassurance. com [Site doesn't exist]
These sites have been developed by the Jews [So in total, there is one site above that could be construed... MABYBE... as "Jewish"]

هذه المواقع تم تصميمها من قبل اليهود...

Who intentionally spread wrong information about the QURAN , the HADITH and the Islam?[Yes a lot of the information on these sites is wrong... I would not trust them.]

وهم ينشرون معلومات خاطئة جدّاً عن القرآن والسنة والأحاديث النبويّة الشريفةوالإسلام

Please spread this information to all the Muslim brothers and sisters around the world.

أستحلفكم بالله أن تنشروا هذه الرسالة لكل المسلمين في العالم

Always check the source of any Islamic web site even if it is very convincing [SUCH a great point!!! Everone do this!!!!!]

تأكد دائماً من مصدر المواقع التي تتحدث عن الإسلام

A FAKE AMERICAN QURAAN / com/exec/ obidos/tg/ detail/-/ 1579211755/ qid%3D1096805827 /102-4933271- 2395342 هذا الموقع يباع فيه نسخة محرّفة كاملة عن القرآن الكريم تم تأليفه من قبل اليهود والأمريكان الحاقدين
The new AMERICAN Quran: a dangerous trick a new Quran is being distributed in Kuwait titled 'The True Furqan'[This is actually a book of poetry that is based on the Qur'an, sounds kind of like the Qur'an, and links the Qur'an I think with Trinitarian imagery. Could easily be mistaken for the actual Qur'an Kareem by people who are ignorant, therefore it is pretty dangerous. Go write them a bad review :-P][I also think it is quite telling that this fake Qur'an is "AMERICAN." I love how that is emphasized *sarcastic face* The American part makes it so much worse right??]

المشكلة العظمى أن هذا الكتاب بدأ انتشاره في الكويت بإسم (الفرقان الحق)

You Cant Ignore this, send it to as many muslims as u can.[I honestly don't think this e-mail would have gotten so much attention unless it had the word "Jew" and "AMERICAN" in it in a bad way. This makes me sad... I think we could warn our brothers and sisters in Islam about misinformation without pointing fingers at other Peoples of the Book.]

لا تهملوا هذه الرسالة، إنصر الإسلام ولو برسالة

Anyway, just my thoughts I suppose. What do you guys think?


Laila said...

i received this same email maybe more than a year back .. and i honestly just ignored it .. for two reasons .. firstly i live in UAE and most of these site are blocked so i couldnt even check if its true ... secondly i hate the type of conspiracy theory that everyone is just out to get Islam .. yea jews are the worst (and i can say that out loud .. i am a Palestinian) .. and yea USA have been politically against Arabs ... but i know many american people and the state doesn't always represent the peoples point of view .. and in all cases as your previous post mentioned .. Islam is the fastest growing religion across the world ... and the Quran is protected by Allah .. and these types of emails just circulates around arabs and is useless as all it will do is get more hits(traffic) to these crappy sites ... and if someone truly wants to know about Islam i dont think would look in them

NeverEver said...

exactly, I mean, people have to be getting the right info from somewhere... lol

Laila said...

Another Laila. :) I'll have to change my name again.

I agree with your comments on the email. I do find it really irritating though that when you google for Islamic information, often the top 10 results contain several anti-Islam sites. They're not always easy to recognise either. I believe in free speech, so I think these sites have a right to exist, but I don't know why google puts them so high up. Maybe a reflection of what the majority of Americans will look at?

.::Tuttie::. said...

@ laila (2nd one) the reason they rank so high up is because we keep clicking on them and given them traffic. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. If you want to view a site click on the cache option and you can click back. They got no traffic and you satisfied your curiosity. I also do this to almost all sites until I trust them because honestly there are sites outhere that are malicious and download stuff to your computer. I just read this scary article and I am sharing with you guys in hopes it benefits you. Allahua aalem.
AP IMPACT: Framed for child porn — by a PC virus

this is the url

NeverEver said...

@ Laila: Oh yeah I agree with you. Completely useless. And people just keep sending them too, they never stop. If you send something about a conspiracy, it goes on and on, but if you send something good and helpful, it goes only to a few.

@ Laila/Sarah: Yep google is just an algorithm. The more you click on a site after a certain input, the higher up the list the link goes. It's up there because that is the kind of stuff someone is looking for. :0(

@ Tuttie: How do you do the cache thingy? That sounds like a pretty good deal. Ugh that virus thing is super scary...

rahma said...

Heh, I think I got this email back when I first converted to islam - 8 years ago! For the love of all that is good people, please fact check before you pass things on!

Laila said...

I feel so stupid! Of course it's just an algorithm... *slaps forehead*

That was a good tip, Tuttie, thanks. I've noticed if you're logged in to a google account, it learns from which results you click on and puts them higher up for you in future.

NeverEver said...

Rahma~ Lol wow, and it is still making its rounds! That is why I did this post and checked the links and stuff... I couldn't forward these kinds of accusations with out knowing if they were even true....

Laila~ Ooohhhh I will try this. Usually when I surf Google I'm not signed in. Time to change! :-D

.::Tuttie::. said...

I made a post explaining how to access a website without giving them traffic or improving their ranking. I do this if I am new to the site but if I am familiar with it I just log on with no problem.

Here is the post if you are interested Islamic Hate Sites, Chain emails and Google Rankings

kakchik said...

Salam sis.
After reading your post and also Tuttie's I already decided not to visit any of the sites.
I'm not going to give them more ratings.
I wrote my post about this and I think I found the answers.
Whenever I received this kind of chain-mail whether it was said to be from Jews or whatsoever, I'd not forward it to anyone.

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