Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to Hijab: Some Clarification



Because there has been a little confusion I decided to clarify a bit for you all.

The posts I have done so far represent positive change toward a more modest wardrobe. They DO NOT fulfill the Islamic requirements of hijab. I will cover this in more detail in later posts.

I will not be showing an outfit that is proper hijab until about post 6 or 7.

These early posts are about making positive changes instead of being stagnant and *wishing* you could wear hijab. It is about being proactive.

It is also a chronicle of what worked for me. This is how I actually went through the process but something different may work better for you.

In any event, slapping a scarf on Step 2 is not proper hijab, and I don't want to represent it as such.

I think inshaAllah I will go back on put disclaimers on the other posts as well.

much love.


that's me said...

Sorry to hear about misunderstandings on this post, although I think you were clear when you first post about it and why and how you will do it Is understandable that not all minds work in the same way, but many got your point dont worry, and disclaimers are always good, so, keep goint sis, I think also, that for many of us (converted muslims) this is something that happened to all (about the process of being a hijabi)

.hopeful. said...

The How-to Hijab is a great idea! And your approach is very one can jump from wearing skirts and tank tops to wearing an abaya in one day. It takes mental and physical preparation. Mashallah. May Allah reward you and may many sisters learn from this tutorial! Ameen! And I agree with the sister was pretty clear what you meant, but it's good to clarify just in case people were confused.

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