Saturday, June 26, 2010

World Cup 2010


The last time I tried to talk about football/soccer, it didn't go over well. However now I am hoping that everyone is all psyched up about the World Cup so I will try again :-D

My Final 8 Predictions:

Paraguay/Japan (No idea... this one is a coin toss for me lol) Although I am rooting for Japan as the last Asian team in the running!
ESPANA! Por Siempre! :-D

Supporting any teams in particular?!?


Banana Anne said...

Brazil (because they're awesome). If South Africa is still in, I'd root for them since they're the host (I always hope the host countries do well).

Anonymous said...


2. Netherlands :D RVP and Afelley:)

3. Uruguay :D
3. Ghana , last African team standing - gotta support my continent ! ....And Boetang.

Gosh I love the beautiful game ! <3

NeverEver said...

Banana Anne: I'm sort of rooting for Ghana for the same reason. They are the last team from the host continent.

Zimime: LA FURIAAA ROOOJJJAAA!! lol, ah Pique... i can't believe they made him bleed twice... such dedication!

I just always find it hard to support Brazil... they just win too much, lol.

I would have to throw Argentina in there, for the love of Maradona and Messi (mostly Messi, lol). I could tell he was so nervous last game being captain. InshaAllah we will see how it goes tomorrow against Mexico!

But if it came to Argentina and Spain in the semis... La Furia Roja tiene mi corazon.

Rukhpar Mor said...

Haha you girls are true football fans...Yesterday was the first time I seriously watched a game and tried to understand what was going on..It was between Ghana and U.S.A...Ghana won.

NeverEver said...

Yeah, that was an interesting game! Did you enjoy it? It took me a while of watching before I really got into soccer and learned how it works and everything. There are still a lot of rules and stuff that I'm not familiar with. I had to first find a team that I really liked to watch and then I felt more motivated to learn :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh my God - Tommorow Spain is Playing ... against Portugual ! INCHAALLAH La roja is going to win !.. And Piqué is such a man , while other players fake their injuries he got hurt TRICE for real and he just keeps getting up !

NeverEver said...

HAHA I know, InshaAllah!

lol yeah, I've got respect for Pique

Oh BTW, did you see Torres take that massive dive in the last game? dude totally tripped himself... :-P

NeverEver said...

Also I'm gonna go ahead an call Japan in the final 8, and if Paraguay wins it is gonna be really, really close

I felt like I needed a solid prediction before the game started :-P

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