Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Uruguay vs. Ghana



Hey guys! I thought it would be cool to do a little feature for each game in the quarterfinals of the World Cup. I'm planning to feature WC inspired outfits and maybe a little game-talk or prediction. Something for everyone sah!?

SOOO first game in the Quarterfinals will be on the 2nd of July InshaAllah

It will be Uruguay vs. Ghana

I'd break up the Blue with some nice accessories and a scarf in a different color :-)

You don't have to plaster yourself with flags or team slogans or compromise your modesty to support your group!

I think this will be a cool game to watch. Ghana is the last African team in the running and has a lot of heart, but Uruguay has got more experience at this level.


Banana Anne said...

Ooh, that blue jilbab is lovely! I saw a woman at the masjid wearing that same one and she looked gorgeous Masha'Allah. I love double layer jilbabs, and I don't like wearing black, so this is perfect!

NeverEver said...

I usually feel a bit conspicuous in that bright a color, but I thought it was nice. I have a jalabiya in a very similar color that I like to wear under my open front abaya in the summer :-)

Anonymous said...

Grrr I hate you. You should of Started with a Spain outfit ! ... :P

NeverEver said...

lol, I'm going in chronological order so that I can save the best for last ;-)

Anonymous said...

Salaam... awww cute ideas for supporting your team without going OTT! The blue abaya is very nice - need to go visit that website right NOW!

Halfcalf said...

Assalamu alaikum NeverEver,

Sorry I didn't call/write you until now. InshaAllah we can do something soon. And MashAllah, it's been one year since you took your Shahadah!!! Alhamdulillah! I still remember the microphone at the Masjid, breaking in and out, making you repeat it over and over! Alhamdulillah :)

Now, back to football/soccer:

Good job on your Final 8 predictions. I'm always for Brazil; it's been that way since I was two and my dad brought a shirt back for me from the '94 Cup. But for second, I want Argentina... mainly because I love to watch Messi play :) My dad and brother want them in the finals for the same reasons I do!!

Sooooooo you like Spain, do ya? (I'll have to say that one in person). I kid, I kid!! I like some of the Spanish players too, but my love and loyalty is always to Brazil.

With that being said, you left out the outfits for the Brazil/ Netherlands game. They play before Ghana/ Uruguay!!!

InshaAllah I will talk to you soon!


NeverEver said...

stranger: aw thanks! This website also has a lot of other abayaat that are of good price, and I heard also good quality :-)

HalfCalf: I know ya ukhti, subhanAllah. I will always remember that you were there with me when I said my shahada even before I knew you!! A true sister :-D

Yes Spain, lol. My brother and I are both big Barcelona fans and that really carries over to the national team :-P Lol I just saw they were on the same day and didn't bother to look which one played first haha. It took me longer to find the ones for that game anyway, but inshaAllah you will like them ;-)

See you soon inshaAllah!!

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