Thursday, January 28, 2010

Soccer News: MABROOK!

!!!!!مبروك لمصر

Disclaimer: This is in no way a political or religious post, and really is just a post about my daily life.

Today I watched the soccer game between Algeria and Egypt. It was really exciting!! I got super caught up in it all. I'm a big fan of the underdog and after the last few games between Egypt and Algeria, I was kind of rooting for Egypt to win this time.

I started watching Egypt play in the Confederations Cup down in South Africa (where my bff Rayyan lives ;-) ). The whole time I was like.... wow they were robbed. They played really well the entire time (way better than USA) and yet didn't make it into the final game. Bummer. (The US totally lucked their way into the finals BTW, I know they beat Egypt by 3 in that game, but still... lucky shots. I mean look at how close the game between Egypt and Brazil was! Anyway... rambling, lol)

So then I got all excited when it came time for the World Cup qualifiers. I wanted to see how Egypt would do! They had some reaaaallllyyy heavy competition when they played Algeria and the games were really exciting. Algeria won in the end after a tie breaking game, so Egypt was still my underdog.

So then we come to the African Cup!! Egypt played Camaroon and they did SO WELL, mashaAllah. I'm a Barcelona fan, so I know that Eto'o from Camaroon is really good and so I'm not sure how it is going to go for Egypt, but they win!!

So NOOOOW they are playing in the semi-final against who? Algeria! Woooo it's a rematch. I love rematches for the express purpose of cheering on the one I think might lose, lol. And this game was CRAAAZZZY!!! Red cards everywhere, penalty shots, beautiful goals, dribbling! And Egypt wins!! Ahhhhhhhh my underdog!!!

Anyway, some of the people who *ACTUALLY* know things about sports totally predicted that Egypt would win, but to me they were still the underdog :-P

And that is what this post is about. To say Mabrook to the Egyptian team for the exciting end to an interesting string of games :-D and good luck in the Final.

P.S. I usually watch soccer in Spanish or Arabic, neither of which language I am fluent in LOL. If you haven't tried this before, you should totally do it because Spanish and Arab casters get SO MUCH MORE EXCITED than American casters. Plus you will learn some new words you can throw into a conversation, lol.


Banana Anne said...

Dude, what happened in Egypt that requires congratulations? :)

NeverEver said...

lol they (finally) beat algeria 4-0!

it was a really great game. alergia had 3 red cards!?!

anyway, it was fun and I got caught up in the excitement and wrote a post.

i'm actually not a huge fan of egyptian soccer, but i was really glad they won this game alhamdulillah :-)

Safyiah said...

salamo aleikom sis

there's a big problem here in Egypt when it comes to nationalism. people already forgot they are one nation as Muslims and they are enemies of Algeria also as algerians are enemies of Egypt. i become really sad when some incidents happen and the Ummah forgets that it is a Ummah of people that should be forgiving and merciful between each other.
i know you may not know about what's really going on here. but the flags have been emphasizing many times the idea of nationalism and the term "egyptians" than the idea of "Muslims" regardless of their country.
we can see the consequence of these spreading thoughts when we watch the news and read/see that a wall is being constructed between Egypt and Palestine, cutting the tunels for supplies and medical support for our brothers and sisters.

May Allah help them, ameen

NeverEver said...


I agree that the political conditions are getting really tough there, and I did not mean this is any political way, just as a congratulations to the soccer team. I have been watching the egyptian team since the continental cup through the world cup qualifiers and the african cup and was really sympathizing with Egypt and some of the hard losses they took. Anyway, just wanted to show a little support for the team and give a mabrook for the win.

I don't meant to offend anyone, so if you would be more comfortable, I could change the picture on the post, maybe to a soccer ball or something. I just thought this graphic was nice.

Please let me know what you think and thank you for the comment.

Banana Anne said...

Oh, I'm not a huge soccer/football fan. Actually, I'm not a sports fan in general. And don't even ask if I can actually play the sports. :)

Safyiah, I agree with you on the nationalism thing. A football game against different countries is fine if it's all in fun and there is good sportsmanship between the two teams/countries, but unfortunately this stuff can get totally out of control. Nationalism can be a very ugly thing; just look at the carnage it created during the two world wars. So yes, feel free to root for your team/country, but remember at the end of the day we're all Muslims and members of the human race, Alhamdulillah.

NeverEver said...

and wa alaikum as-salam ya ukhti :-)

NeverEver said...

mashaAllah well said Anne, and I completely agree with both of you on the political and ummah issues that some of the muslim majority countries are having. May Allah resolve the misunderstandings and issues in our Ummah and keep us strong and united, ameen.

Safyiah said...

salamo aleikom

i don't want to act "bossy" or anything by telling you to remove the pic. i know you didn't mean any political thing going on, but actually it's not much of a political thing, it's about disease in the hearts of many Muslims and their growing love for this life. Nationalism or love for one's land and belongings and the start of practising haraam deeds was actually what made the Muslims lose Al-Andalus. as a portuguese Muslim, i'm aware of this.
these little soccer games are actually good weapons for the media to create division between Muslims. and here in Egypt i see many flags in cars, on walls, on big boards when we are on the roads, on kids' faces even (those innocent kids don't know how they are being fed with the filth of nationalism on such a young age). the idea of the flag is just another weapon of the media.
i'll let you judge in what you should do. it's your own blog, i shouldn't have any say in it. if you think it's not that critical that it requires to remove the pic, don't do it. i'm just stating my opinion in what's going on here.


NeverEver said...

I completely agree about nationalism, and really the fact that it is a national team is totally coincidental. In fact, I wrote a post earlier about nationalism and how it is a concept that should not be embraced by Muslims. (

I went ahead and took down the flag picture and elaborated a bit.
Again thanks for your input, Jazakillah khair!

Safyiah said...

haha, yeah.
i don't like soccer much but the guys talking about the plays are very excited, i heard them in Egyptian Arabic, btw. they repeat words 3 to 4 times, it's really funny. Egyptians get too happy with little things, it's one of their qualities.
I seriously wouldn't care much since my interest in soccer is minimal. lol
what actually i didn't like is that people made a lot of noise outside until 3 or 4 am (i'm sure most of them didn't even pray Fajr, unfortunately) and also i heard girls shouting and being with guys, may Allah guide them.
i know this website isn't a religious one or a political one. but when it comes to Islam, it's our way of life, both religious and politics when it relates to Muslims. it's not the first time i got the answer "this is not a religious website" lol, so i'm just making it clear why i commented like this. just warning agaisnt some things. i'm sure if an Egyptian saw the flag in your blog he/she would be sooo happy and actually it would feed even more the nationalism thing.
not that i'm a no-sayer as already some Muslims called me. i'm just worried about the Ummah's state of heart and health. if we don't care for each other, don't expect that the non-Muslims will.
anyway, thanks for reading the comments.
normally people ignore or they get advises in a bad way, discussing for any little thing as if i'm saying to them that they should die. lol

jazakAllah Khair


NeverEver said...

Lol, I bet it was really crazy all the noise and stuff.

I really appreciate you commenting and drawing my attention to it. My intention isn't to bring up those things to the people who read this blog and I know that you give naseeha out of love for me as your sister and part of our ummah for the sake of Allah. Keeping this in mind, it would be wrong to just ignore you or get angry. I try hard not to ignore sincere advice, and inshaAllah, with His help, I wont fail in that.

Again, thank you and see you around the internet inshaAllah!

wa alaikum assalam :-)

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