Sunday, January 24, 2010


السلام عليكم

بسم الله

So now that we all know I am in school this semester, you may wonder what classes, eh?

For reference, I am a Physics major and I'm planning to get my Masters in Teaching inshaAllah. I want to teach Physics at a junior high/ high school age level.

Right now I am about 20 to 24 hours away from graduation, so I decided to take 15 hours this semester, and finish at a nice leisurely pace and graduate next December inshaAllah.

So this semester I am taking:
The History of Physics- This class is going to be ridiculous. It sounds easy, but the professor wants us to write two papers and do a presentation. The first paper is 12 pages and the second i s 24 pages... and a lot of the people in our class aren't even science majors and have no idea what concepts we are discussing. The upside of this is that we probably won't have any tests, alhamdulillah.

Arabic II- Our school has an intensive Arabic program, meaning we have class for 6 hours per week, split over five days. We also have homework every day. The class is difficult, but alhamdulillah my Arabic is getting much better.

Architecture Lecture- This class is just a basic introduction to the concepts of historical Architecture. The points come from attendance and tests, so inshaAllah it will help bring up my GPA.

Advanced Composition- This is a writing in the workplace kind of class. It isn't very interesting, but there are also no tests in this class, so InshaAllah if I do the work I will get a good grade.

To turn this into a bit of a *get to know you*, those of you who are in school, what major/level are you and what kinds of classes are you taking?


Anonymous said...

those are hard classes sis

Anonymous said...

as the major classes are the harder?
dumb question I KNOW

Banana Anne said...

Dang, that physics class sounds intense, as does the Arabic class. At least the Arabic class is spread out over five days and isn't all in one go (now THAT would be a killer). You seem pretty motivated, though, so Insha'Allah your classes shouldn't be too trying (at least not "I want to kill myself" trying like they can be sometimes). :P

Currently I'm a sophomore in college, and an East Asian Studies with a focus on China and Sociology major. This semester I'm taking advanced (300 level) Chinese, a seminar on the sociology of the American family (I took a lower level class on the same topic last semester, and it was absolutely fascinating), a sociology class on Asian societies, and a required economics/statistics class.

NeverEver said...

Rubber: When you take classes for your major, they get so much more specialized and specific with more depth and detail. This generally makes them harder than the first classes you take.

Anne: I'm trying to hard to be focused and motivated this semester because the last few semesters I have just been AWFUL!!! Like my GPA-took-a-nose-dive awful. InshaAllah this semester will be different.

Oh! Chinese! MashaAllah, I hear that language is a little difficult to get if you come from an English background. Like inflection changes the meaning a whole lot, right?

I didn't really like economics a lot... it was a smidge boring, lol.

InshaAllah we both make it through this semester!

Banana Anne said...

Alhamdulillah, I LOVE Chinese. I've been taking it for six years. The tones can dramatically change the meaning of a word (for example, the word "ma": there are four tones in Chinese; given these tones, the word "ma" can mean mother, marijuana, horse, or to scold). There are also obviously a ton of characters to learn, but Alhamdulillah the grammar is really easy: no gender distinction, no conjugating verbs, and no tenses!!!

Yeah, I'm not looking forward to the econ/stats class, but it's a requirement for my sociology major, so I'll just have to bite the bullet on that one.

Insha'Allah we will do well and raise our GPA's! :D

NeverEver said...

No gender, conjugation or tenses?!?! Why did no one tell me this when I was deciding on a language?!? lol

Those are the hardest part!!!! :-P

Wow... those are very very different meanings. lol Mother or Horse?

InshaAllah ta'ala :-)

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

That Arabic class sounds great! Working with a language every day, even for a shorter time, is so much more effective than class only once a week. Your other classes sound hard though, so I hope you get the time you need for Arabic and studying Islam.

NeverEver said...

Yeah, we have three normal hours per week like every other class, but then two additional hour and half classes. It really does force you to practice and move along. I took Spanish when I first entered college and it was only 3 hours per week. I didn't learn anything... :-P

Yeah my parents asked caugh*forced*caugh me to take 15 hours this semester, so it is a bit more than I had planned, but inshaAllah it wont take away time from my deen. I hope it makes me mroe focused!

firdous said...

may allah make it easy on you, ameen!

Maryam said...

^That's cool, my sister is taking Japanese and Chinese too.

I was just blogging about the classes on taking this semester :) but in summary: I'm taking Anatomy and P. II and it's lab, Marriage and Family, Biomedical Ethics, and Statistics.

I was going to take Arabic 2 but no luck this semester.

That physics class oughta be interesting :) 12 and 24 page papers? I had to write an 8 page paper on immigration and I had a complete mind fart before i even finished; after the 5th page, I felt like say "so immigration..blah..blah blah..blah de blah. and there you have it!" aha.

I'm doing the same thing as you; trying to pull my GPA up for nursing school next year. Most of my classes aren't that difficult so we'll see.

Good luck with your semester!

NeverEver said...

firdous: Ameen, jazakillah khair

Maryam: Oh yeah, crazy amount of papers. InshaAllah you will get to take Arabic at some point, it is a really fun language to learn.
InshaAllah we will get our grades up :-) Thank you, jazakillah khair wa biltawfeek inshaAllah

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Busy is good. I think I actually learned more Somali while in school full-time and working 20hrs a week than I have learned in the 3 years since I graduated. Its hard to believe its been that long already.

NeverEver said...

Oh yeah, i think I function better when I'm busy as well. It is amazing how it works out that way...

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