Friday, June 19, 2009


As-Salamu Alaikum!

I am currently learning to pray. I've read a bunch of pamphlets/manuals/books/websites/blog posts about prayer to try to learn the best/right way. I've even watched some youtube videos. Everyone says pretty much the same thing which is good, but some people say something is required, while others say it is optional or preferred. I've put together a sheet that has everything on it that I try to unobtrusively hold while I pray to make sure that I say the right thing.

Right now I'm trying to memorize everything while still making sure the meaning is most important, so I'm reading the Arabic then saying what it means in my head in English. It takes longer, but I think it actually helps me to remember everything.

I'm using my new transliterated Qur'an as well. It is really really helpful with pronunciation of the words so that I make sure that when saying the Arabic, I'm actually saying the RIGHT Arabic. :-P

All is going well so far and, Insha'Allah will continue to go well. Please pray for me!!! :-D


Lisa said...

I'm praying for you. I had a wonderful Turkish book called Namaz or Salaat that showed every position with the transliterations of the prayer. Hope you can rack something down that' similar. Love you dear!

NeverEver said...

i have a book as well, but with no pictures. they describe it well though, so it's not too confusing.

thank you for your prayers!

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