Saturday, June 6, 2009



On Friday I went to the local masjid next to my university to listen to the khutbah and see some of the ladies I have met before. I haven't converted yet, but out of respect I have always worn a headscarf when I visit the masjid starting with my first visit a few months ago.

After I left the lecture I went with a friend to Sam's Club (huge bulk grocery store) and to Best Buy and decided not to take off the scarf. It was great! Very comfortable, not scary, etc. My friend said that there were some people looking while I wasn't paying attention but I didn't care because I knew it wasn't the gross kind of staring, also the people staring were women, not men :-D

I live in a "conservative" state here. I really expected someone ignorant or just rude to do or say something, but no one did! I even got a few shy smiles and a few "excuse me ma'am"s that I never got before. The only people who really stared were from Chile and were here for a convention, so I feel pretty good about my prospects here as far as covering in the future.

Overall it was a really good experience, thanks God and I know that when I convert (God willing) I will feel a lot more comfortable about that transition. One less thing to worry about! :-D


Lisa said...

Congratulations sweetie! I am glad it was comfy and know what it's in Arkansas being from Texas...Inshallah it will become easier and easier to cover in the future. And the hijabs are so pretty that you'd rather do so!

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I agree with Lisa completely. I love what the hijab symbolizes and think that it can fit in with your faith even if you don't convert offically. There is definitely a benefit to dressing more modestly.

NeverEver said...

Lisa~ I know, right! They are really pretty... I think it makes an outfit look just perfect. Sometimes I want to throw on a hijab just whenever, but I keep thinking my muslim friends will laugh because I haven't converted yet, :-P

Stacy~ I agree that dressing more modestly is good, even with no conversion. I started wearing longer tops more loosely and long sleeves and higher necklines a few months ago as well, and I feel so much more comfortable in public for sure. Plus it reminds me that I'm doing something for God. Way cool.

Rayyan said...


Wow I am just so thrilled, and too happy for words, my sister!
May ALLAH bless you in every step you take in your life, Ameen.
I thought you were a Muslim all along, anyway I will keep it that way.

I just love the way Americans pronounce the state of Arkansas, it sounds cool.
It said so differently compared to its spelling, isn't it so?

Take Care sis,

NeverEver said...

Rayyan~ I'll take that as a compliment!! :-D

LOL yeah "Arkensaw" or "Arkansah" depending on where you come from :-P

Thanks for the well wishes and it was good to hear from you!!!

Rayyan said...

Thanks for your warm welcome.

You know I don't know why, but I keep thinking about you, that it lead me to telling my mom all about you, and your conversion to Islam. Until she asked me..... so what is her name? and I went like, oh mom, I don't know, but she calls herself, NeverEver..... lol

I wish to know you personally, maybe someday, i don't know as I am so far out in South Africa. :(

Anyway you are in my prayer, definitely.

NeverEver said...

JazakAllah Khair for your prayers and wishes and thoughts. If you want, you can e-mail me. It would be great to have a new friend!! Especially one from somewhere so cool as South Africa ;-)

Rayyan said...

Wow thanks! Yeah that would be great! I will email soon InshaAllah. I am so glad to know you sister. May we have a strong friendship for Allah's pleasure. Ameen.

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