Thursday, May 7, 2009

Way Cool

Cool huh?? There is totally a niqabi X-man! Well... i guess she's an X-"woman," but I have no idea how mutants deal with gender issues, lol.
Her name is Dust and her super power is turning into... dust!
I found this picture at with a little more background info on the character and such.
Obviously there are mixed feelings about the superheroine, but I think it was an interesting idea for sure. What do you think?


Maryam said...

I was the inspiration behind this niqabi superwoman =)

But on a serious note, I think it's pretty cool. I know some Muslims might disagree with this, but I think it's a change. It's showing a different image of a Muslim woman. I think there is always good and bad things people can find to criticize,

But I think she looks pretty darn cool ;D

Asha said...

haha that is cool! I kinda like it and I don't understand why people would be so critical over it. It does not depict anything offensive in the first place.

NeverEver said...

from what i read, people are worried about her eventually wearing a tight "abaya" like the rest of the x-men characters who are women. or about her eventually falling in love with an x-boy or something.

there is also an issue with Islam forbidding these kind of images and such, but truthfully I don't know a lot about that.

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