Thursday, May 21, 2009



So I had a talk with my dad yesterday about Christianity and my issues with it. It was pretty similar to the posts I've made. I just brought up all of the contradictions I had found and told him about how, when I read the Bible, it doesn't ring true to me. There's just something about it... it seems all wrong with glimpses of the truth.

I told him that I know that God created me with knowledge of him and that my whole life I've been trying to fit Christianity with that knowledge and it hasn't worked yet. I told him how much Islam spoke to me and how it DID fit.

He was understandably upset and is trying to answer my questions, but I'm not sure there are answers.

My mom was there with us as well. She was TOTALLY on my side the whole time. I think she thinks about God the same way that I do. I gave her a copy of the Qur'an and she says that she will read it. Hopefully my dad will too.

I haven't converted yet, but I'm so close I think...

God willing, I'll find the straight path and be content there. Hopefully my family will too.

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blackbat said...

May God guide them to true path. if you need any info abt islam plz visit: (quran translations in different languages)

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