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I know... it has been an embarrassingly long time again. Please accept my apologies.

Today I want to share with you how I deal with my eyebrows. I know it's a strange topic but it is definitely something that I wish  someone had given me tips on when I converted to Islam.

Okay, first things first. No plucking obviously. The idea behind it is that plucking eyebrows is a kind of vanity and deception. So with this in mind, I find that it is equally vain and deceptive to cut the eyebrows and also to bleach them in such a way as to make them look smaller. There are different scholarly rulings on this issue and most of them don't agree with mine, this is just the level of comfort I have achieved with what I believe is the spirit behind the prohibition. I'm talking about my own comfort zone here, not my scholarly opinion or anything since the hadith as far as I understand doesn't specifically say that coloring eyebrows is wrong or anything.

So that being said, and inshaAllah clarified, what am I supposed to do with my new Muslimah eyebrows? lol

I think my eyebrows have cow-licks, they grow in every which way and never like to stay neat and orderly. I'm not concerned with the volume or anything because subhanAllah most people's eyebrow's correctly fit their features but just the overall messiness. I have found that my eyebrows do look more shapely and thinner when they are orderly.

So, in the spirit of keeping things in order, I have found that the secret to nice Muslimah eyebrows is clear mascara. You can use a little clear mascara to shape your eyebrows without trimming and it gives a little hold during the day so they don't freak out again inshaAllah. (if you can't find clear mascara you can also use a little hair gel and an old cleaned mascara wand).

First use the wand to brush your eyebrows upward. You want them to be as close to straight up and down as possible. Then, take the mascara brush and run it along the top of your eyebrows following the natural shape, just pushing down the hairs that are at the very top, leaving the lower eyebrows somewhat in place. Start at the inside corner of your eye and move outward. This will give you a nice arch and sweep inshaAllah!

Here are some products I used before:
Anastasia Clear Brow Gel
Covergirl Clear Mascara
Disposable Mascara Wands and Hair Gel

How do you all deal with the natural eyebrow that comes with Islam??


Banana Anne said...

Salaam alaikum, it's been a while!

I generally just leave my eyebrows alone, although I do tend to get a nasty unibrow, and there are opinions that say the unibrow (the hair that's not really part of the eyebrows) may be plucked/shaved. I've never heard of clear mascara before; that sounds like a great idea!

LK said...

You cant trim them at all? I would think you could just as you can the hair on your head. Not to shape the eyebrows into something un-natural but to just control the escapees that try to get outside of your natural shape. But that clear mascara idea is genius! I wish I would have known about that as a teenager. I hate plucking my eyebrows, I barely do it anymore. Its no fun. I tiny trim is all I need. I always thought it was weird that women were expected to change our eyebrow shape. I actually think thicker brows do more for the eyes and face.

Noor said...

Thats a good idea mashAllah here in KSA they bleach them which could be the same but they do not think it is..

NeverEver said...

Banana Anne: Wa 3alaikum salam! Yeah, maybelline makes some and they usually carry it at wal-mart if you want to give it a go. I feel like it makes my face look cleaner when my eyebrows aren't messy lol. Its nice for special occasions too as it keeps your eyebrows looking nice while you have makeup on.

LK: I don't trim mine. I know there are people who do trim them and don't find it contradictory and stuff. Honestly I feel like my knowledge on the subject is so limited that I just stay away from anything that might fall into that category. Lol i hated plucking too before Islam. I only did it when my mom made me. I totally agree with thicker eyebrows. The ultra-shaped eyebrows never look as good as the original ones...

Noor: Yes I know people who bleach them as well, and honestly i don't know what is the ruling about coloring and stuff. I just stay away from it because I'm not sure about it, to me this is the best way inshaAllah. I have before colored my eyebrows to match a color that I dyed my hair but I didn't change the shape or anything, i just dyed all of the eyebrow hair. Allahu 3alam

Anonymous said...

So, I tried to search for this hadith in Arabic, so that I could see the spelling of these words and look up their meaning myself. After a 10 min search, I still could not come across the Arabic Hadith... So I have given up. (short attention span tonight)

I did come across a thread on a Sunni Islam answer/question site and one of the commentators said "Women just keep asking this question until they find someone who will say it is halal. Why don't they believe the Hadith?"

Well, to answer that in my own opinion. I find it difficult to believe this "Hadith" because it seems so ridiculous. The Prophet has MUCH more famous universally accepted Hadiths that show how he wants men and women to preserve the appearance of youth (to include trimming and dying hair and beards) to stay healthy and active and to present ones self in their best appearance (clothing, perfumes, cleanliness).

Additionally, the "rational" behind this "hadith" is very confusing. Many "experts" say that it is because shaping one's eyes is altering how God has made us. ... Yet, the "experts" go on to say it is ok to pluck in between the eyes, because hair that grows there is abnormal and seen as a defect... Really? But Allah made the hair grow there, so how can we say it is not perfect that way? And as for the idea that "if it is for the husband's sake, then a little plucking/shaping is allowed, but not too much!" Seriously? It just seems so... unnecessarily controlling.

That being said, if a woman doesn't want to pluck because she feels it is vane and is a shameful act in front of Allah, than she shouldn't do it! More power to her. But for "proof" that all women should avoid doing so, I am not convinced.

Eina said...

Regardless of out own opinions or Sheikh Google, theres a clear hadith that states the Prophet (saw) cursed the women who did shape their brows. I by no means am a perfect Muslim, far from it but don't pluck my brows. I think one less sin is one less sin. And it grates my nerves that ppl feel the need to argue anything they don't agree with or understand, just say yes your not permitted to but still doing it rather then trying to justify it. i SHALL be trying the clear mascara though!:)

Iman (Lifes Balance Beam) said...


I just bleach my unwanted eyebrow hair. It does NOT remove the hair at all, just makes it invisible so that I have an arched look. win win! lol. the hair bleach does not harm my skin but if you have sensitive skin you might want to do a patch test. but it really does work!

Anonymous said...

Under what context and which group of women did the prophet curse in this particular hadith? Was he addressing all of the believing women? Or was he addressing a group of women that were very distinct from other women and were identified by their habits?

Soray, I agree, it is not right to argue something that is clearly a sin. I disagree that shaping one's eyebrows is a sin, so I am actually arguing about whether it is a sin or not. : )
I disagree that the hadith is clear, and I read the hadith and do not get "sin to pluck one's eyebrows" out of it.

On a slightly different note. If this is a true hadith and the prophet was speaking about all believing women, what was his purpose behind cursing them for shaping their eyebrows, tattooing themselves and shaping their teeth? Was it for vanity? Because in that case, even the women who believe that this hadith claims eyebrow care as a sin, are still sinning by finding ways to accomplish the same task through a different route... Am I wrong?

Sorry Finding Guidance for drawing this out... I just don't get it. Trying to understand deeper than just the plucking of hair. : )


NeverEver said...

Well I didn't exactly mean for this to become a debate, but I can see how it got that way I suppose.

Eina, even if he was addressing a certain group of women we know from other hadith ("Whoever imitates a people is one of them." (Ahmad & Abu Dawood)) that if we imitate the behavior of a group of people, then we are one of them. If we imitate the characteristics of some women who were cursed, then we are one of those women.

As I said before in the post, my personal belief is that vanity is the purpose behind this prohibition so I don't change what I was given. I comb them the way that I comb my hair and keep them clean looking without shaping them by plucking/cutting/coloring etc. As I said in the post this is my own personal preference based on my understanding. I try as best I can to stay away from anything that seems to be a grey area as it leads to haraam.

MyWolf said...

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