Monday, March 1, 2010

A Place of My Own

السلام عليك

بسم الله

The other day I was wandering around our student union looking for a place to pray dhuhr. Prayer time started at 12:30 as did my next class, so I was already late but determined to find a spot to pray.

Every door I came to was locked locked locked locked.

But I had a really big need to find a room. I needed to PRAY you guys! "Ya Allah, help me find a place to pray!"

Finally at the end of the hall I found a room that was locked BUT the door was ever so slightly ajar.

I snuck into the room while trying to remember which direction was the qibla (I use the streets of our city to find the qibla as everything is set on N-S E-W directions).

The room was set up for a meeting of some kind and there was only ONE light on in the room. It was lighting up a little niche in the middle of one of the walls which just happened to be conveniently positioned to be facing the qibla!


I was so excited so I took a picture to show you guys, lol.

The first one is the meeting room and the second is my little niche with the light :-)



Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Really inspiring that you took the time and found a place to pray.
JazakAllah khayr and I hope your classes are going well.

Nurul said...

Subhanallah. :) Allah works wonders :)

MaMa MishMish said...

Alhamdulilah you found a place to pray. I like it that the place you found was all lit it was waiting for you! SubhanAllah.

That was a problem for me too finding a place to pray at work where there wasn't a lot of traffic or I wouldn't be in the way.

ayah said...

the niche looks like a little mosque, mashAllah :)

Anonymous said...

Awie! I like ur prayer green!
And yea, i know the feeling that ur trying to find something and Allah just helps you right on time! SubhanAllah!
That looks like a nice cozy spot tho! At my college, there is absolutely NO place prayable! :( so my dhuhr prayers are usually qadha :(

And thats amazing that you can work out the direction of the qibla according to the streets!! Wow girl...!

firdous said...

mashaAllah, so cute!

Rubber said...

Allah's signs
yaar what can i say

Texan in UAE said...

Subhana'Allah! masha'a'Allah! wa Alhamdulilah!!!! Allah Akbar!!! nice little bitty story.

Anonymous said...

u r grateful
so Allah likes you
stay so

NeverEver said...

Stacy: Thank you :-)

Nurul: SubhanAllah!

MishMish: Finding a place to pray is like a special scavenger hunt I get to do every Tuesday and Thursday, lol. I've started taking pictures of each place I find, just to see where I show up HAHA. Alhamdulillah I am so greatful we can pray anywhere :-)

Ayah: yeah, it was so exciting walking into the room and turning to face the qibla and finding this lovely little corner. Alhamdulillah!

Splendid: Thanks! It is a travel sajda that someone brought back for me after they did omrah mashaAllah. It is a thin material that folds up really small and I stick in a pocket in my bag.
SubhanAllah that is so true! It gives me the warm fuzzy feeling subhanAllah.

firdous: Jazakillah khair :-)

Rubber: aww yaar :-D subhanAllah

Texan: Aw thanks, Jazakillah khair! Glad you liked it *grin*

NeverEver said...

*sajjada, lol TYPO

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