Monday, October 22, 2012

Ramadhan Make-Up Days



This Ramadhan I was sick pretty much the entire time alhamdulillah 3la kl 7al. The doctor ordered me to not fast, so now I have 21 days of fasting to make up inshaAllah.

Today is my first day of make-ups. I am trying to sort of "recreate" the Ramadhan spirit. I had kabsa and soup for sahoor and inshaAllah I will break my fast with dates, milk, and more soup. 

I plan on reading pages 109-110 in my Qur'an and doing some translation, and I have a goal to pray all of the sunnah's. I thought if I kept my goals for my make-up days similar to the goals I had during Ramadhan then it will feel more... I dunno. Sprited, or official or something.

I am planning to find/create a count down widgit to keep track of the days here on my blog.

Are any of you still making up days from Ramadhan? How do you make it feel more special?
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